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The Storm by Amanda Jennings.

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MinnieJackson Thu 15-Oct-20 21:46:29

I really liked this too! Although I didn't enjoy her first as much though which is the cliff house. I like shalini boland, b.a paris, Sabine durrants lie with me, c l taylor, k.I Slater. I've just started the stolen sisters by Louise jenson and I'm really enjoying it, her others are good too!

bubblylocks Sat 10-Oct-20 19:29:18

I finished reading this a few days ago and it's probably my favourite book ever. Has anyone else ever read it?? I need to know what to read next because I don't know if anything else can compare.

For anyone wondering, it's about a woman who's stuck in a really bad marriage (there are very serious reasons as to why she can't leave) and the narrative is split between three people and various timelines. You get her, her ex's and her husbands perspective and it's so well done, particularly how the smallest things get misinterpreted. It's not the standard 'she goes back to her first love' at all, it's complex and just brilliant. As the book goes on, it unveils many twists. I've never read a thread on this section so I'm sorry if I did it all wrong!

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