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Help me find this book please

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NancyBotwinBloom Mon 05-Oct-20 12:25:16

I read a book last year and I can't remember what it was called and I really fancy reading it again.

Can anyone help me?

It was about a lady who was happily married with a son and this friend popped up after years of no contact.

Friend had it all, good job, lived in America, lovely looking but had split with her husband and came back the uk.

She ended up moving in with this friend and she turned into a bit of a nuisance, ended up living with them and the way it was written made you feel she was going or trying to have an affair with the ladies husband.

She actually got with the son who was 17 and then she ended up nearly
Marrying him and faking a miscarriage.

Does it ring any bells for anyone?

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deedeedelmonte Mon 05-Oct-20 12:41:16

I think it might be I invited her in by Adele Parks...?

NancyBotwinBloom Mon 05-Oct-20 13:34:21

It is! Thank you so much! grin

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