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What to read after the Oryx and Crake Trilogy??

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Hushabusha Fri 10-Jul-20 10:07:32

Just that - I am just about to finish the Oryx and Crake Trilogy for about the third time and now I'm adrift.
I love it because of the dystopia/apocalypse but also because Margaret Atwood is so intelligent and her work is so multi layered - every sentence could be elaborated on.

I've read and loved Station 11

It doesn't have to be apocalyptic, just gripping!

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EliotBliss Fri 10-Jul-20 15:45:39

Also read Attwood's trilogy in a similar vein but eco-sf, I also enjoyed Jeff VanderMeer's Project X trilogy - if you saw the terrible Netflix film based on the first instalment the book is much better. More classic but really good Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower and the sequel The Parable of the Talents. If you haven't read it then Colson Whitehead's Zone One. Adrian Tchaichovsky's Children of Time and the sequel Children of Ruins - found the first one slow to get into but took off later. Could try Ursula Le Guin The Dispossessed and also Marge Piercy Woman on the edge of time.

Hushabusha Fri 10-Jul-20 17:13:18

Amazing! Thank you! The only one from that list I've read is the Children of Time (spiders,yes ?) so I have loads to go with grin

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EliotBliss Fri 10-Jul-20 19:30:34

No problem, have you read any Becky Chambers? Lighter than the others and I remember enjoying them.

lazylinguist Sat 11-Jul-20 20:46:53

I've just read 'The Country of Ice Cream Star' by Sandra Newman. It's a quite extraordinary post-apocalyptic novel. Incredibly inventive and unusual. I only finished it this morning but I know I'm going to want to re-read it. The whole thing's written in a kind of patois which seems weird at first, but you really get into it!

SapatSea Sun 19-Jul-20 17:04:19

The Heart Goes last bu Margeret Atwood is much lighter and playful in tone but is about a dystopia again. The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell is worth a look as is The Book of Strange New things by Michel Faber

Martamaybe Tue 21-Jul-20 10:25:47

If you haven’t read it Woman on the edge of time by Marge Piercy is one of those books that I read years ago but has stayed with me. It’s beautifully written.

Cam2020 Wed 22-Jul-20 08:25:47

No recommendations but just have to say I loved the Oryx and Crake trilogy! None of my friends did, so I'm stupidly excited to see someone else who did blush

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