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Does anyone recognize this book from this description?

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TheIckabog Thu 09-Jul-20 14:50:57

Okay possibly a long shot but I’m looking to track down a book that I read in school in the late 90s. For some reason I never finished it and I want to know how it ends (even after all these years!).

The story centers around a young girl of a tribe who live on an island somewhere. Something happens and the girl is separated from the rest of the tribe, and by the time she makes her way back, they have all left the island for some reason and it’s deserted.

She then has to try and survive on her own whilst hoping the tribe comes back. There’s a bit where she traps a wild dog/wolf and trains it to be her companion. I think also she makes attempts to leave the island in her skin canoe but can’t quite make it for some reason. I can’t remember if they are described as being Native American but that’s the sort of gist I remember.

Does this ring any bells with anyone? I’d love to track this down and finally know the name as it’s been niggling me for years! I remember reading it in English class so it might have been allocated literature on the curriculum?

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TheCountessofFitzdotterel Thu 09-Jul-20 14:53:02

Not Julie of the Wolves?

Gingernaut Thu 09-Jul-20 14:56:54

Not part of the Clan of the Cave Bear series?

TheIckabog Thu 09-Jul-20 14:57:20

Thanks for the reply but it’s not that one

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TheIckabog Thu 09-Jul-20 14:59:26

@Gingernaut thanks but not that one either. It was more in the time of Native Americans than prehistoric times

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TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Thu 09-Jul-20 15:00:11

Google points towards Island of the Blue Dolphins - not exactly the same as you describe but very similar.

AlexandPea Thu 09-Jul-20 15:02:25

There was a similar story in the Wide Range Reader books. The girl was eventually discovered on the island and found out that all her tribe had died of modern diseases, and she was the last one left speaking her language.

3littlemonkeys82 Thu 09-Jul-20 15:02:54

Island of the blue dolphins?

TheIckabog Thu 09-Jul-20 15:15:42

Yes it’s Island of the Blue Dolphins! I remember the bit about building the house of whale bone and the dog being called ‘Fox Eyes’. Thanks so much everyone, glad that’s put that to bed for me! I’m looking for something to read so I think I’ll revisit this and finally finish it (nearly 20 years later!)

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HarryHarry Sun 19-Jul-20 23:02:41

Ah I was just going to say Island of the Blue Dolphins! We read it at school in the 1990s.

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