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lionheart Mon 24-Sep-07 19:41:53

This is great.

BarefootDancer Mon 24-Sep-07 19:44:49


lionheart Mon 24-Sep-07 19:48:05

I am marvelling at the new topic. Haven't actually thought about what might go into it.

It is a very useful topic to have, for sure. smile

BarefootDancer Mon 24-Sep-07 19:59:06

Oh I see....
'100 Places to Go Before You Die?'
'Good Pub Guide'?
'The Dummies/Idiot's Guide to Anything'?
any Childcare Book?

saltire Mon 24-Sep-07 20:02:10

I like the sound of the Good Pub Guide smile

lionheart Mon 24-Sep-07 20:14:23

Travel guides
Cookery books?

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