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Fancy new section title

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Flamesparrow Mon 24-Sep-07 19:28:04


Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 24-Sep-07 19:28:41

Makes me think of porn.

Cappuccino Mon 24-Sep-07 19:28:46

is this a thread for NQC?

southeastastra Mon 24-Sep-07 19:29:08

ooh i noticed that, must have taken them ages to do.

adult fiction sounds racy

Flamesparrow Mon 24-Sep-07 20:07:44

I thought that too! I did a double take thinking "I don't remember talking about erotica...."

harleyd Mon 24-Sep-07 20:08:58

hey hey whats this about then

Cappuccino Tue 25-Sep-07 12:10:34

it is a good idea tho

I do get sick of going to 'book club' and getting a whole load of crap about 'what can my 2 year old read now'

as if this was a site where we talked about children hmm

Notyummy Tue 25-Sep-07 12:22:12

adult fiction...excellent!

My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday is good.....

if you fantasize about being shagged by a gorilla grin

Cappuccino Tue 25-Sep-07 12:53:02

hee hee gorilla yes

and what about Delta of Venus

"I jumped out of the tree and landed right on the black man's erect cock"

Kathyis6incheshigh Tue 25-Sep-07 12:56:15

The other Nancy Friday ones, Women on Top and Men in Love are interesting too.

Notyummy Tue 25-Sep-07 13:04:15

I never thought about when risk assessing tree climbing.....puts a whole new spin on it!

But seriously, perhaps this subject should be called 'mature' fiction, because otherwise I'm always going to get the giggles and think of smut when I click on it.

Hmm....must go and find my black collection....

Kathyis6incheshigh Tue 25-Sep-07 13:29:20

Ah but mature fiction sounds like a euphemism for the sort of fiction that old ladies read wink
I think we should keep this as a porn section, personally.

littlelapin Tue 25-Sep-07 13:33:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyOfWaffle Tue 25-Sep-07 13:34:31

holy moley, porn then?

hifi Tue 25-Sep-07 13:39:03

anais nin is quite good, bit freaky in some stories but varied in fantasys.

Notyummy Tue 25-Sep-07 13:51:28

I think its just supposed to be for books that adults grown up ones(!!)...instead of the Gruffalo.

Apparently some people wnated the topics seperate.


its probably more fun to talk about porn grin

gorillas, dogs....I'd forgotten just how 'interesting' My Secret Garden was!

Bouquetsofdynomite Tue 25-Sep-07 13:56:13

Well it might as well be a thread about chickporn now mightn't it?
Fanny Hill is a good one because it's 18th century and you can pretend it's literature (it aint, it's total smutgrin).

Notyummy Tue 25-Sep-07 14:05:56

I remember reading Lady Chatterleys Lover as a teenager because I thought it would be probably was in 1915, but not in 1986. Now Jilly Coopers Riders...that was more exciting for a 14 year old.....

Kathyis6incheshigh Tue 25-Sep-07 14:07:24

Oh I thought Lady Chatterley was pretty damn raunchy, but in a naff phallus-worshipping sort of way that didn't do very much for me (so to speak).

Elasticwoman Tue 25-Sep-07 15:04:25

Lady C was written much later than 1915 (about 1924 I think) because a big point of it is that life changed radically after WWI. Lady C's husband has been disabled by the war. It's the earliest novel I can think of in which women's sexuality is acknowledged without the woman being made out to be Bad.

Notyummy Tue 25-Sep-07 15:11:52

I know it is significant in literary terms, but never did much me for me as a piece of erotica! In fact I never liked any of D H Lawrence's novels.

Poetry on the other hand is fab...anyone read 'The Snake' ?

stleger Tue 25-Sep-07 15:58:16

By Anonymous is always they key to a good read!

hifi Tue 25-Sep-07 16:10:23

fanny hill is really dirty, i blushed.

SmartArse Tue 25-Sep-07 16:11:35

I've just added The Secret Garden to my list on Amazon!

stleger Tue 25-Sep-07 17:49:42

Forever Amber...

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