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Inspire me please

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sunflowervalley Thu 20-Sep-07 21:48:09

Now both my children are at school would love to get back into reading a good book.

Something I can dip in and out of ,not too heavy going.

Like the classics or maybe someone could recommend some modern authors.

Also love auto biographies,cookery books or books on food history.

Thanks in advance.

AZmom Thu 20-Sep-07 22:00:26

I read abt. lots of things.I have a mystery
going right now,not a book.I bought a braclet
from a junk store, it had stones fastened to each other.The top of the stones had a scarab (beetle) carved on them, there is a gold band around each one to hold it,I have decided it is real gold.The underside of each stone has 2-3 runes carved,not all the same.One stone is jade,2 are Lapus Lazuli,I can`t place the other 2 stones.I looked on the internet for runes, & got the Viking,
& Danish.If you know anything abt. runes,or
what people worshipped the scarb, beside Egypt, please let me know.Thanks, Dottie

BBBee Thu 20-Sep-07 22:02:31

I don;t understand what you are talking about AZ.

No1 ladies detective agency (great - light but meaningful)
kite runner
time travllers wife
case histories

TotalChaos Fri 21-Sep-07 23:17:45

Small Island.

Brick Lane.

Shadow of the Wind.

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