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Asking for a friend (Ahem)

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Deathraystare Tue 26-May-20 10:08:14

Thanks all, I have just remember to come back to this thread (I can only get on line at work and don't work all the time).

Bit worried about Mills and Boon mention (slippery slope that!) My poor mum would be chased around the garden with my brother yelling out total tripe from whatever M&B book she was reading at that time.

Though I have to admit I did sometimes sneak into her room and read one!

Romances I have read are: Lisa Kleypas - the wallflowers series which I loved. Debbie Mccomber, Robyn Carr - Virgin river series.

Thanks again for your help!

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Deathraystare Tue 26-May-20 09:55:15

* Early Jilly Cooper? As long as you read it in the context of the time it was written in.*

I read that as 'under the counter'! My mum loved her books and her. I could not stand the woman - always wanted to smack her when she was on tv. Her and her stupid fringe!

However, I guess I could get a book from the charity shops when they open...

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Viviennemary Thu 21-May-20 23:35:05

Penny Vincenzi. Blockbuster sagas. Plenty of romance and a bit of spice. Spoils of time trilogy was the best I think. Especially the middle book of the three.

LeviOsaNotLeviosAR Thu 21-May-20 17:47:00

This is my time to shine.
I loved 50 shades when it first came out having never read that genre before. Then I read more and realised how bad it is.
Soo here is my list...
The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz
The crossfire series by Sylvia Day
This man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Also the Author Georgia Le Carre has written a few really good books.

On kindle unlimited I have read hundreds of books - main ones that stick out is Brie's Submission. There are 20 books in that series - The first box set is on unltd, the rest I paid for and really enjoyed.

I have just read a 10 book series (all books are on unlimited) called Uncovering You by Scarlet Edwards however I recommend this book with extreme caution. It is extraordinarily dark and twisted centered on abuse. A fascinating read which I enjoyed but I am conscious that not many others would be comfortable reading such a dark storyline.

hidingmystatus Thu 21-May-20 17:46:54

If you like historical: Eloisa James.
If you like romantic crime: JD Robb's In Death series.

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Thu 21-May-20 15:48:11

Early Jilly Cooper? As long as you read it in the context of the time it was written in.

Susan Howatch?

Devlesko Thu 21-May-20 15:44:30

I'm reading "We Borrow The Earth" By Patrick Jasper Lee.

Papergirl1968 Thu 21-May-20 15:39:04

Are you signed up to BookBub? They will send you a daily update with several free books on there which you can download from Amazon, and they often appear to be sexy romances. Or you could just search on amazon itself.

EwwSprouts Tue 19-May-20 20:38:45

Don't laugh but Mills & Boon has expanded to offer many genres within a genre.

Deathraystare Tue 19-May-20 19:32:05

Romance with a bit of spice (not that bloody awful Shades of Grey series or with some intrigue.

Nothing too soppy.

Any suggestions??

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