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Philip Roth - Everyman

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yama Sun 16-Sep-07 00:19:51

So I recently read 'Everyman' by Philip Roth. Good book - thought provoking etc etc. I then spoke to a colleague of mine who told me that it really effected him (it's about old age illness).

We are (most of us) very good at ignoring our own mortality.

I loved this book.

What do you guys think?

ArcticRoll Sun 16-Sep-07 16:47:42

Haven't read it yet but recently read ' American Pastoral'.
He is a brilliant writer but boy was that a depressing and heavy read.

sleepfinder Mon 17-Sep-07 08:36:49

I read it last Summer when expecting my first baby - thinking it was the last chance I'd get to read the books I wanted.

I love it, beautifully written. Also have read American Pastoral and Human Stain which I enjoyed / felt challenged by as they're quite "strong meat" but there was something a lot more lyrical and personal about EVERYMAN.

I saw recently that he's got a new one coming out - possibly his last...

yama Thu 20-Sep-07 21:38:16

Articroll - you have to read it. As sleepfinder said it is beautifully written.

Aleepfinder - my first daliance with Roth was Sabbath's Theatre which was shocking. I was both shocked by the book and in love with the writing. He is a writer that makes you think.

I know American Pastoral is his masterpice but personally I prefer all his other novels.

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