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Has anyone read The Harmony Silk Factory.....desperately need to discuss...!

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hazlinh Mon 10-Sep-07 04:17:04

anyone? i just finished reading it over the weekend, at about 3am and may have missed some parts due to being groggy!

domesticgrumpess Mon 10-Sep-07 12:43:26

Message withdrawn

ska Mon 10-Sep-07 12:51:21

oh is it any good, i have it and keep starting and putting it down

hazlinh Tue 11-Sep-07 16:54:56

yes domesticgrumpess, it is.

ska, i liked it a lot, but after reading it, i feel like i missed something!!

the guy kept going on about how his dad did something really evil the day he was born. but after i finished the book, i still don't know what it was!!! did he not reveal what it was???was it hinted at??i can guess what it could have been...but did i somehow skip a few pages due to my grogginess?!!!

domesticgrumpess Wed 12-Sep-07 22:55:12

Message withdrawn

hazlinh Fri 14-Sep-07 03:42:28

yeah don't think it was that though. think he kept saying that his dad's worst deed was done on the day Jasper himself was born, and his mum, Snow died in childbirth.

I mean, what the heck was it?? Or did I miss that? Did he kill Snow?? Because presumably Peter was the father! Or was it bringing him up as if he were his own son??? I think I'll die never knowing!

domesticgrumpess Fri 14-Sep-07 11:29:57

Message withdrawn

hazlinh Mon 17-Sep-07 04:10:40

hehe ok. no worries. thanks anyways

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