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that biull bryons thunderbolt thing is so so funny

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LaCod Thu 06-Sep-07 18:18:12

it has me in a conintual sniger that si playign havoc wiht my adenoids

scienceteacher Thu 06-Sep-07 18:19:28

It is a PMSL book for sure

janeitebus Thu 06-Sep-07 18:27:58

lol - Bill Bryson is the bee's knees as far as I'm concerned; the man can do no wrong. But I now have to read him in the privacy of my bath as he makes me laugh so much.

ju Thu 06-Sep-07 18:28:08

I know! All his books are fab. Mother Tongue, his treatise on the english language is absolutely marvellous.

filthymindedvixen Thu 06-Sep-07 18:29:10

I embrarassed mysel in public hooting at the lime green capri pants bit

LaCod Thu 06-Sep-07 18:29:58

god all of it
all of it
kept reading bit out to dh
we played a good game int eh hopsital
he got an old copy of the spectator and we chose lonely hearts addverts for each other
very funny

filthymindedvixen Thu 06-Sep-07 18:33:49

I tried to read bits out loud to dh but I did that stupid thing where you start squeaking and hooting instead of sing actual words because I was laughing so much!

(We play thta game too!)

harrisey Fri 07-Sep-07 10:43:28

Everything he writes is fab.
I like his science book the best - even it had me laughing out loud as well as learning many useful science related facts.

My fave character in the Thunderbolt Kid is the principal, Mrs Unnaturally Enormous Bosom. My first headmistress was her! And I am well on the way to becoming her myself!

pollywollydoodle Fri 07-Sep-07 22:48:27

one of his less well known ones is "mother tongue" ..a history of the english language...really interesting read

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