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Audible while swimming?

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CMOTDibbler Fri 21-Feb-20 10:44:42

I just hadn't put any onto my MP3 players (I also have a clipjam which is fab, but only listen to music on it) - my one trial of an audio book swimming showed me that it doesn't speed my swimming up like a good metal sound track!

Sadik Thu 20-Feb-20 20:10:56

That's a point, hadn't thought about compatibility. I listen to audible books on a Clipjam MP3 player so had just assumed they'd work on all MP3 players, but maybe not. Worth checking with Audible customer services I guess.

CMOTDibbler Thu 20-Feb-20 17:51:39

I have a Finis bone conduction MP3 player, and you can certainly listen to audiobooks on it, but I've not transferred an Audible file to it

Sadik Thu 20-Feb-20 17:46:23

Yes, definitely, I've got friends who have waterproof earbuds for wearing in the pool while training.

BeardedMum Thu 20-Feb-20 07:54:38

I would love to listen to audible while swimming. Does anyone know if this is possible ?

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