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Novels that namecheck Mumsnet :)

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TheMemoryLingers Sat 15-Feb-20 10:26:49

I was amused when a book I was reading on the train yesterday mentioned Mumsnet - the protagonist had apparently spent a lot of time on Mumsnet and, in the story, was on there again looking for advice about her son's problems. The novel was 'Don't tell teacher' by Suzy K Quinn.

I wondered what other novels namecheck Mumsnet and if any writers on here have ever included Mumsnet in their books (Suzy K Quinn, if you are on here IRL, your book kept me sane by absorbing me on a packed and delayed train, so thank you grin).

If you've read (or written) a book that mentions Mumsnet, what was the book and why did MN come into it?

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Bezalelle Sat 15-Feb-20 11:58:55

If I remember correctly, it's mentioned in Sophie Hannah's "Haven't They Grown".

TheMemoryLingers Sat 15-Feb-20 12:06:42

Ah ha - I've got that on my 'to read' list because I like Sophie Hannah and (as always with her novels) the premise sounds really intriguing, so I'll look out for the Mumsnet mention.

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Sadik Sat 15-Feb-20 12:28:06

The Why Mummy Drinks series definitely do (IIRC one of the characters threatens to start a parking thread with diagrams grin ). Definitely in the 3rd one, can't remember for sure if the earlier ones do but I think so.

TheMemoryLingers Sat 15-Feb-20 12:38:45

I haven't come across those, Sadik but it's quite a Mumsnetty sort of series title grin gin. I'll look out for them.

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WhiteBadger Sat 15-Feb-20 12:54:45

Pretty sure it's in Sweatpea

Loved that book!

Dancetherain Sat 15-Feb-20 13:04:15

Am reading Playgroups and prosecco by Jo Middleton, Mumsnet is mentioned a lot

TheMemoryLingers Sat 15-Feb-20 13:04:55

Just looked Sweetpea up on Amazon and it looks great - I love a good thriller. I didn't start this thread to get a reading list but it seems to be what's happened grin.

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TheMemoryLingers Sat 15-Feb-20 13:10:57

Playgroups and prosecco

Is an alcohol theme emerging here? grin.

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WhiteBadger Sat 15-Feb-20 13:41:52

@TheMemoryLingers please read it! I don't know anyone that has.

I genuinely laughed out loud all the way through!!

Maybe it's just me!!

NC4Now Sat 15-Feb-20 13:44:04

One of Gillian McAllister’s does - I cant remember which though. No Further Questions maybe.

TheMemoryLingers Sat 15-Feb-20 15:31:02

It's on the list now, WhiteBadger. I like Gillian McAllister too so will probably come across her reference sooner or later while feeding my book addiction.

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PaperFlowers4 Sat 15-Feb-20 18:45:26

Kate Atkinson’s Big Sky mentions mumsnet, but I can’t remember the context

southeastdweller Sat 15-Feb-20 21:06:03

I do wonder if Kate Atkinson is on here. In A God of Ruins, Mumsnet is referenced when a novelist character remembers a one line comment on MN about one of her books.

In Those People, one of the characters is one of those 'mumpreneurs' who runs a parents website and is indignant when her SIL says her job isn't a real one. She says something like 'the families of the MN founders wouldn't talk to them like that'.

BookWitch Sat 15-Feb-20 21:09:26

Not a novel but reading Jo Brand's Born Lippy at the moment and she mentions MN several times

TheMemoryLingers Sun 16-Feb-20 10:01:02

It's ages since I've read a Kate Atkinson. I'm sure I have heard Jo Brand mention MN on TV (a poster called 'EatShitDerek' I think) - I could easily imagine her being on here. Probably a standing temptation to novelists with writer's block!

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BookWitch Mon 17-Feb-20 06:29:45

Jo brand says she mostly lurks but does weigh in on an AIBU from time to time.

StripyHorse Thu 26-Mar-20 22:33:21

Kate Atkinson mentions MN in Big Sky too.

WisestIsShe Sun 29-Mar-20 19:28:22

Ben Elton's Identity Crisis definitely gives a shout to Mumsnet.

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