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4mum Tue 28-Aug-07 23:19:46

does anyone else read moomintroll books?
we are crazy about them,and i am making it my mission to get everyone to read them................


mamama Wed 29-Aug-07 01:00:32

Oo, I'd forgotten about The moomins. Must look out for them again smile

harrisey Wed 29-Aug-07 21:21:52

Ooooh yes
I look out for them in 2nd hand bokshops. Especially fond of 'Comet in Moominland' and 'Mominvalley Midwinter' in our house, and I lie 'Moominpapa at sea' though the kids just thougt it was weird.

Bluestocking Wed 29-Aug-07 21:23:15

They are marvellous, aren't they? I loved them as a child and I love them now, in a slightly different way.

poppy34 Wed 29-Aug-07 21:31:39

I'd forgotten about them too but remember finding out about them when I must have been about 10 adn then having to read every single story I coudl find in the library.

Wasnt it a poor TV show as well?

welliemum Wed 29-Aug-07 22:22:35

Lovely lovely books.

I think (as an adult) my absolute favourite bit is the prologue to the first one, about the arrival of winter, eg the bit about getting ready to hibernate and saying goodnight to each other "rather more carefully than usual, and Moominmamma encouraged them to clean their teeth."

It's a beautiful piece fo writing as well as being funny.

TwoIfBySea Fri 31-Aug-07 23:45:06

I'm reading Comet In Moominland for the third time to dts (5 1/2) as it is dts2's favourite. There is just something special about the stories and I wish they would show the cartoons again.

My Comet In Moominland book is now 32 years old! I hasten to add that I got it for Christmas when I was 4!

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