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The Choice by Claire Wade (possible spoilers!)

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RoryGillmoresEvilTwin Wed 08-Jan-20 11:12:32

Is anyone else/has anyone else reading/read this?

I can't decide if I'm enjoying or not! I started last night and am about halfway through. It's an easy enough read and the premise itself is good but my god, the constant descriptions of cakes are doing my head in a bit.
I keep thinking that it's a poor mans Handmaids tale but without all the rape and abuse...

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Claref80 Sun 31-Jan-21 00:00:26

Very late reply, but I've just finished this! I think you've described it very well. In theory this is the sort of book I love, a bit of dystopian drama, always like a bit of cake. But personally I just couldn't quite get into it or believe that this was a likely scenario

IBelieveInAThingCalledScience Sun 31-Jan-21 09:24:36

I absolutely loved the premise, but was so disappointed. I was about three quarters of the book in, when I realised it would get better so I didn't finish.

I'm happy to suspend belief and do like dystopian stories, but the world was just implausible and very one dimensional.

IBelieveInAThingCalledScience Sun 31-Jan-21 09:25:09


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