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books to help my 6 yr old DS understand about telling lies.

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mckenzie Tue 28-Aug-07 18:27:23

DS has just started telling lies. Some of them are his imagination working overtime (for example, to a friend, "I sat next to David Beckham on the plane coming back from Turkey")
but some are silly (for example, when asked why he was on the computer "my sister forced me to").

But some are more devious and could cause problems, to him and to others (I can't think of any examples now).

I'm sure there must be some books that are designed to help explain about the perils of telling lies - does anyone know of any titles please?


maureenmlove Tue 28-Aug-07 18:39:03

What about 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'? I've no idea who wrote it, but its a classic, so you should be able to Google it quite easily.

oooggs Tue 28-Aug-07 18:46:00

this is a good one

Califrau Tue 28-Aug-07 18:46:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau Tue 28-Aug-07 18:49:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mckenzie Tue 28-Aug-07 19:39:46

thanks everyone. I should have remembered that one oooggs as i used to be an Usbourne agent!
I've tried 'The boy who cried wolf' but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick.
I'll look out for the Tony Ross one too.
Thanks again.

mckenzie Tue 28-Aug-07 21:11:01

I've checked on the publisher's website but I can't find any Tony Ross book about telling lies - does anyone know what it's called please?

Califrau Tue 28-Aug-07 22:32:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Christie Tue 28-Aug-07 23:34:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mckenzie Wed 29-Aug-07 15:06:15

thanks califrau - I didn't realise that Tony Ross wrote the Boy Who Cried Wolf.
I like that poem Christie but i wonder if it might be a bit too harsh for DS - i'd be a tad worried he got a nightmare after reading that.

Califrau - your link to Amazon though revealed quite a few other books in a similar vein so thanks again for that.

PinkMartini Wed 29-Aug-07 15:51:08

I like this

Othersideofthechannel Thu 30-Aug-07 22:23:54

Matilda has been illustrated. We got it out of the library. I think it may have been Polly Toynbee.

Othersideofthechannel Thu 30-Aug-07 22:27:51

Sorry, I mean Posy Simmonds.

Mathilda dies in the end though!

Othersideofthechannel Thu 30-Aug-07 22:29:25

here but out of stock

rosealbie Thu 30-Aug-07 22:32:52

My ds & dd were reading one today called 'Don't Tell Lies Lucy' but can't remember who it is by. It's part of a series, there is also 'Don't Be A Bully Billy' and 'Put That Back Jack'.

Basically the little girls tells lies about everything and then when her dad tells her there is a gigantic wave coming she doesn't beleive him and get washed away! (because liars think everyone else lies too)

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