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For my 71 year old dad.

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Karcheer Fri 13-Dec-19 18:21:02

He like Lee Childs and i most recently gave him Lies by TM Logan which he thought he would hate but loved.

He doesn't like books where the narrator is female as he struggles to relate.

Help me find some good ideas for his Christmas presents - looking for 2 books.

thank you.

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OhTheTastyNuts Fri 13-Dec-19 19:22:16


Peter James
Peter May
David Baldacci
Linwood Barclay
James Patterson (the ones he writes himself rather than the ones he co authors)
Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling)

Other fiction

Ken Follett
Simon Scarrow
Bernard Cornwell
Ben Kane

These authors are all popular among the older male readers in my libraries!

BookWitch Sun 22-Dec-19 15:27:34

My late dad used to enjoy Patrick O'Brian master and Commander series.
He also enjoyed The Martian by Andy Weir

MsAmerica Fri 27-Dec-19 22:03:51

Sadly, I get the feeling that 90%+ of all men don't have much interest in a main characters who's female.

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