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Help need a book recommendation for DH

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TattiePants Fri 06-Dec-19 19:05:14

DH wants some new books for Christmas so need some recommendations. He’s currently reading (and loving) The Martian so I thought I’d buy Artemis but the reviews aren’t that good. Other books he’s enjoyed are:

Shardlake series/ Dominion
His dark materials / book of dust
The stand / 11.23.63
I am pilgrim
The dry / force of nature
Rivers of London series
Fatherland / the ghost / conclave

He definitely prefers plot driven to character driven books. Any suggestions?

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Sadik Fri 06-Dec-19 20:36:18

I'd suggest the Fractured Europe series by Dave Hutchinson - the first one is Europe in Autumn. SFF thrillers set in a near-future Europe, very fast moving & plotty.

Also Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky (alien spiders!) and Dogs of War by the same author (AI/canine gene spliced soldiers).

AdaColeman Fri 06-Dec-19 20:42:30

An Officer and a Spy ~ Robert Harris

WooMaWang Fri 06-Dec-19 21:09:06

Justin Cronin's the passage.

TattiePants Fri 06-Dec-19 21:39:42

An Officer and a Spy is a good call but we already have it - I've read it but DH hasn't. Off to investigate the others.

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Celebelly Fri 06-Dec-19 21:42:26

If he likes the Shardlake books he might like SJ Parris's Giordana Bruno series

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