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Audible - need some inspiration

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Sadik Thu 05-Dec-19 21:39:43

Another 'what should I listen to' thread, sorry grin I've just returned my last purchase having managed 3 chapters in about a month. I've got a dozen books in my wishlist, & not feeling inspired by any of them either.

Generally I prefer either non-fiction or lighter fiction books as audio, I'm not big on literary fiction at the best of times anyway. I like books on politics / economics / business (less so history), especially when read by the author. Also quite like geeky stuff (eg the Dark Net, Social Engineering about human hacking). Fiction - I read a lot of SFF (have enjoyed the Three body problem books, Wayfarers series, Fractured Europe series etc over the last couple of years).

Looking at my audible listens this year my favourites have been Poverty Safari by Darren McGarvie, and The Stopping Places by Damien LeBas. Any suggestions gratefully received!

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