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Advice needed to price a book for amazon kindle WWYD?

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Honeysucklerose1 Thu 21-Nov-19 21:19:27

So my OH is just about to publish his novel on amazon kindle.
He has asked me whether he should price it at 1.99 or 2.99.
I think 1.99 as i would be more likely to pay that kind of price, and at this point it is about getting his book out there. He is happy with 1.99 but people have said to him it's too cheap and if he values his work the price should be higher.
This is new territory for him. He has got a background in writing, it is part of his job, but the novel is what he loves doing, and he writes it in his free time.
FWIW, the novel is a crime thriller, it's been professionally edited and has a professionally illustrated cover. IMO the product is high quality.

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spacepyramid Thu 21-Nov-19 21:55:04


ChickenofDoom Thu 21-Nov-19 22:05:02

Assuming you can change the price over time I'd make it as cheap as possible initially and then increase it once good reviews come in. Introductory price type incentive.

I would be looking to pay very little for a book by a new author and will always go for a 99p book over a more expensive one if I think the cheaper one might be any good!

Honeysucklerose1 Fri 22-Nov-19 06:12:22

Spacepyrimid and ChickenofDoom, thank you so much for your advice, that's what I was thinking!

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DancelikeEmmaGoldman Sun 24-Nov-19 00:17:57

I’d agree with that. I’m happy to fork out a dollar or two for a new author, but if there are no reviews then I won’t pay much.

Can I add two things which put me off unknown authors.

You can tell a lot about a book from its title. I known that I’m not going to read “Bad Boy Billionaire #6”, so an evocative and interesting title at least slow me down long enough to read a blurb.

And that’s the second bit. If an author’s blurb for their book plods and sways like a sea-side donkey, I’m not going to bother trying the book.

I want a basic outline of the book, maybe an introduction to major characters, written in an interesting way. I don’t need to be told it’s spell-binding or that I’ll be up all night reading, I’ll either discover that for myself or it will be hubris.

The first thing prospective buyers read of an unknown author is the blurb, so it’s worth making it good.

Fatted Sun 24-Nov-19 00:23:59

I wouldn't pay more than 99p for a completely new author.

I once paid a fiver for a bloke I work with's first book. It was OK, but not worth that price.

There are amazing writers out there giving their work away for free online. As much as he values his work, if he is wanting to get his name and work out there, he needs to make it cheaper.

1vandal2 Sun 24-Nov-19 00:40:11

I would only borrow a new author in kindle unlimited not pay seperately

Honeysucklerose1 Sun 24-Nov-19 15:26:42

Thanks so much for your detailed advice, it's so helpful I'll pass it on
Also thanks to Fatted and 1vandal2
For advice re price, I think it will be .99 now.
We have about 100 people waiting to read it so hopefully some good reviews soon
Thanks everyone for your helpwink

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spacepyramid Sun 24-Nov-19 15:46:12

Are you going to post the link so we can have a look (or send it via DM) ?

Honeysucklerose1 Sun 24-Nov-19 16:04:39

Yes of course I can! It will be a couple of weeks until it's actually ready to go I think, but I'll send you a link by pm?
Thanks again!

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