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Unputdownable crime /psychological thriller?

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Psychologika Wed 20-Nov-19 23:24:15

Feels like an age since I've had a book that I couldn't put down. Last one I really enjoyed was Apple Tree Yard, I think.

Any ideas?

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mumac Wed 20-Nov-19 23:26:32

Shari Lapena - Stranger in the house and An Unwanted guest

ironickname Wed 20-Nov-19 23:26:47

I've just finished Sarah Waters Fingersmith. I couldn't put it down!

Psychologika Thu 21-Nov-19 06:59:10

@ironickname yes, I've read that and thought the same! Would love something similar, actually!

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Frouby Thu 21-Nov-19 07:04:51

Any of the recent Lisa Jewell ones, The Family Upstairs is the newest, really enjoyed it.

Claire McGowan I think it is, The Other Wife was quite good, read that last week. And have just started reading Little Face by Sophie Hannah and it seems quite promising and it's part of a series so optimistic about it.

ChessieFL Thu 21-Nov-19 19:39:41

I read a lot of psychological thrillers and I recommend I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

666onmyhead Thu 21-Nov-19 19:50:06

Anything by Michele Davies !! Her books are fab !

dontticklethetoad Thu 21-Nov-19 19:52:48

The Dry by Jane Harper is really very good.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Thu 21-Nov-19 19:56:23

I See You by Clair Macintosh is also very good.

KondoKonvert Thu 21-Nov-19 19:56:44

I second I Let You Go. Her other books haven't been quite as good though.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Thu 21-Nov-19 19:56:53

Clare. Not Clair

fruitypancake Thu 21-Nov-19 19:59:03

Lie with me by Sabine Durrant - loved it!

user1471453601 Thu 21-Nov-19 20:01:15

Platform 7 by Louise Doughty. It really gripped me. I really wanted to put it dowm, but I couldn't

TheOriginalChatelaine Fri 22-Nov-19 09:18:35

Nicci French, the Frieda Klein series or any of their stand alone thrillers. Peter James, Roy Grace series or his stand alone thrillers.

Clawdy Fri 22-Nov-19 17:18:44

The Burning Air by Erin Kelly. What a twist!

Frouby Fri 22-Nov-19 17:53:38

The Dry is good actually. I need to remember to look for other titles by that author.

Deecaff Fri 22-Nov-19 18:38:56

Engleby by sebastian faulks

Platform 7 will be on my xmas list

EauDeChlorine Fri 22-Nov-19 21:15:59

Blood orange by H Tyce. Loved it and reminded me of Apple Tree Yard. Very enjoyable read.

legolegolegolego Fri 22-Nov-19 21:18:49

Stranger in the House, An Unwanted Guest

mizu Fri 22-Nov-19 21:18:57

Another one for Sabine Durrant Lie with me. Love all her books, she's got a great style of writing.

riotlady Fri 22-Nov-19 21:20:31

I just finished The Last by Hanna Jameson in 2 days and was gripped the whole way through! 20 people are stranded in a Swiss hotel following a nuclear war and a body is found... mixture of survival story and murder mystery.

Tana French’s Dublin series is great too.

legolegolegolego Fri 22-Nov-19 21:20:33

The Doll Factory

Social Creature

The Corset

The Woman Next Door

catlovingdoctor Fri 22-Nov-19 21:21:11

The Rumour by Lesley Kara

DrMaryMalone Fri 22-Nov-19 21:27:42

Maybe something by Sharon (SJ).Bolton? I remember quite enjoying her first book Sacrifice and a few others after that.

FOJeremy Fri 22-Nov-19 21:28:45

I love anything by Shari Lapena

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