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Anyone read Blink by Malcom _______ ?

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mamama Sat 18-Aug-07 04:14:27

Just wondering how 'readable' it is - I've heard good reviews but have no concentration whatsoever, so need it to be easy to get through!

Mo2 Sat 18-Aug-07 05:38:31

Malcolm Gladwell - yes, read it, and some of his other books (The Tipping Point). It's very readable. Makes you think a lot about our everyday reactions and assumptions and behaviour.

mamama Sat 18-Aug-07 05:59:09

Ok, that's what I wanted to hear! Will get a copy over the weekend. Thanks Mo

Quootiepie Sat 18-Aug-07 06:30:49

oo, mamama! How are you??? My MSN has died! x

mamama Sat 18-Aug-07 06:34:05

QUOOTIEPIE... I emailed you. Where have you been? I MISSED you xx

Quootiepie Sat 18-Aug-07 06:37:45

My email has gone haywire - I let it get to 1000 emails (freecycle and flylady!) and it's blocked tons of emails now as I reached a limit (empty now but still only get spammy crap). Been away from MN for abit, now back but not as much as before... try emailling just "hi" now to see if I get it x

mamama Sat 18-Aug-07 06:45:02


Quootiepie Sat 18-Aug-07 06:47:21

got it

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