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Anyone want to join me reading The Lollipop Shoes - Joanna Harris?

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chocoholicfrog Thu 16-Aug-07 11:51:53

I'm about to start on the Lollipop shoes.
Anyone else fancy joining me?
Should have finished by early September I think.

ahundredtimes Thu 16-Aug-07 12:09:06

I would but I can't. It's a truly awful title. Is making me annoyed just thinking about it.

Sorry but look this is sort of a bump for someone who doesn't find it annoying isn't it .

casbie Thu 16-Aug-07 12:26:22

i'm in too minds about Joanne Harris .

loved blackberry wine, uninspired by most of her other stuff.

sorry, i'm might duck out too.

chocoholicfrog Thu 16-Aug-07 12:29:26

I'm hoping it is more along the lines of Blackberry wine too. Didn't really ever get into Holy Fools properly.

ahundredtimes Thu 16-Aug-07 12:29:58

But but Lollipop Shoes. I mean.

It's meant to sound cute and adorable, but really it's just, well, twee and sticky isn't it.

Ok. Rant over. Don't judge a book by its title etc etc.

purplemonkeydishwasher Thu 16-Aug-07 12:42:15

I've read it. It's good. but if you haven't already, read Chocolat first.

chocoholicfrog Thu 16-Aug-07 12:57:13

I agree ahundred times, hope the book is better than the title!!

purplemonkeydishwasher Thu 16-Aug-07 13:01:38

it's not a great title but it makes sense once you start reading the book.

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