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Children's books - any help for a little boy whose parents have separated?

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SpeccieSeccie Tue 14-Aug-07 22:45:36

My SIL's husband moved out on Monday for another woman. SIL devastated and at home with 2dcs - 1 dd of 12 weeks and one ds of 19 months. SIL trying to be 'nice' about daddy in front of the dcs but really worried about how they'll take it. She asked me today if I knew of any books where lone parents are seen doing normal stuff that might be appropriate for her ds. He loves books but SIL says she finds it hard reading him 'Mummy, Daddy, Nuclear Family' books atm and would also like him to see some stories of separated parents (in a positive light) as well as all his favourites.

Anybody know of books suitable for a toddler in this situation? Has anybody had a good experience of helping a child though something similar with books?

Thanks so much in advance.

SpeccieSeccie Tue 14-Aug-07 22:58:53


Califrau Tue 14-Aug-07 23:01:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elkiedee Tue 14-Aug-07 23:04:15

I don't know if he intended it as an approach to single parent families as such but Martin Waddell's Little Bear series features what appears to be a single parent and child - Big Bear seems to be male but that only comes up once or twice over the 5 stories we have.

SpeccieSeccie Tue 14-Aug-07 23:04:17

Thanks, good idea

Easywriter Tue 14-Aug-07 23:21:25

What about books like Jill Murphy's ones about Marlon(?) -a little dragon. His parenting is represented by his mum and his granny. They just do everyday stuff.

Again, I don't think it's specifically meant to be a single parent family but there is no male person besides Marlon.

CamperShoes Tue 14-Aug-07 23:31:16

"Harry and the Dinosaurs" - Harry is definitely only parented by Mum and Gran. The one problem may be that Dad is NEVER mentioned but more importantly, they are brilliant books with great pictures and storylines.

SpeccieSeccie Tue 14-Aug-07 23:34:14

Elkie and Easywriter - just looked these up and they seem ideal. SIL going through such a tough time, I'm really hoping that I can be practical help with suggestions since she asked me.

(Just so sad she can't even face reading about a happy normal family atm. )

Easywriter Tue 14-Aug-07 23:36:48

I know. So many emotions to deal with and yet as a parent you still have to function and do all the day-to-day stuff.

Unimaginably hard.

SpeccieSeccie Tue 14-Aug-07 23:37:29

Camper, Harry stories look brilliant! (Er, and I think no mention of dad will be seen as a definite plus...)

elkiedee Wed 15-Aug-07 00:09:47

Just to add that I bought 5 Little Bear books from TheBookPeople - they are online - for £6.99 - their offers change so I don't know if they're still available.

CamperShoes Wed 15-Aug-07 10:37:42

I think the Book People sometimes do a Harry collection. Why not suggest some great books that don't involve families whatsoever - mine have always liked Julia Donaldson's/Dr Seuss/Lynley Dodd and I personally love John Burningham - but she'd have to cherry pick the stories without families.

janinlondon Wed 15-Aug-07 11:37:17

Two of everything by Babette Cole is a great book but is geared to a very specific scenario of separation of parents - Would suggest she (or you) read it first to judge.

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