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What is everyone reading?

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MrsSpoon Sat 11-Aug-07 18:26:21

Just nosey and looking for recommendations or titles to avoid.

I am currently reading the new Kate Atkinson, the name of which escapes me. It is fantastic thought nothing could live up to Case Histories but this is just as good.

MellowMa Sat 11-Aug-07 18:27:51

Message withdrawn

RubySlippers Sat 11-Aug-07 18:28:45

am still into my anita shreeve phase
reading a Wedding In December
just finished the Pilot's Wife
Fortune's Rocks is my fave

littlerach Sat 11-Aug-07 18:29:10

Just finished Last seen in Lhasa by Claire Scobie.
It was fantastic, didn't want ot put it down.
Based in tibet, about a journalist who metts and becomes good friends with a Tibetan nun.

Now going to start Digging to America I htink.

Rach35 Sat 11-Aug-07 18:38:12

Would recommend the Philippa Gregory series of Tudor england - basically great stories of the romance side of henry VIII's wives (what happened) Not history really - just great reads!

MrsSpoon Sat 11-Aug-07 18:39:52

Mellowma, do you mean Chick Lit? If so I'm not generally too keen and tend to steer away from anything with pink fluffy looking covers.

themoon66 Sat 11-Aug-07 18:40:08

Rach... is that the author of The Other Bolleyn Sister? I thought that was a rip roaring story.

Future Homemakers of America is wonderful too, although I cannot remember the author's name.

MellowMa Sat 11-Aug-07 18:43:31

Message withdrawn

MintChocChippyMinton Sat 11-Aug-07 18:45:01

Old Filth by Jane Gardam
and am halfway through Victoria Hislop's The Island

MrsSpoon Sat 11-Aug-07 18:45:16

Recommend away Mellowma, they might appeal to someone else.

sammac Sat 11-Aug-07 18:47:06

I'm reading the House at Riverton by Kate Morton. Not my normal but really enjoying it. Set in a big maor house during ww1 and the memories of a 98 woman who worked there as a young girl. I like Phillipa G so if you do then would like this

missgriss Sat 11-Aug-07 18:48:02

I'm reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter. There are parts where I'm thinking 'just get to the point ffs' but if you get past the overly discriptive writing it's quite good.

I was reading A Spot of Bother before and really enjoyed it.

MellowMa Sat 11-Aug-07 18:48:21

Message withdrawn

themoon66 Sat 11-Aug-07 18:54:05

Oh I've now given up on magazines. I bought SHE about three months ago, but felt it was a total waste of money.

MaloryTowersHasManners Sat 11-Aug-07 18:56:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fishie Sat 11-Aug-07 19:01:16

mrsspoon is it the second one? i am delighted by that series cannot wait for third.

am reading janet evanovich 13, latest erast fandorin and have deryn lake and jilly cooper up next. nothing too demanding for moi

brimfull Sat 11-Aug-07 19:07:21

rereading To Kill a MOckingbird. Tis fab!Didn't fully appreciate it as a teen.

BBBee Sat 11-Aug-07 19:07:43

red tent - very good - very affirming (if I can use that in a non-wanky way)

hotcrossbunny Sat 11-Aug-07 19:10:13

Reading something by the author of 'Lucia,Lucia' and 'Rococo'. Title and name escape me... Good tho'

Spink Sat 11-Aug-07 19:21:43

I am grabbing The Robber Bride (Margaret Atwood) in every spare moment .. started off a bit slowly but now I can't tear myself away! Poor ds... I think I have abandoned him a bit today in favour of brilliant Atwoodness.

Califrau Sat 11-Aug-07 19:28:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lapsedrunner Sat 11-Aug-07 19:30:29

I've just bought War Stories by Jeremy Bowen

SixKindsofCrisis Sat 11-Aug-07 19:30:40

Missgriss I have just finished A Spot of Bother. It is very godd, isn't it.

SixKindsofCrisis Sat 11-Aug-07 19:30:50


niceglasses Sat 11-Aug-07 19:38:57

Recommend 'How to be Free'by Tom Hodgkinson. Really enjoyed. Keep pinch of salt at hand.

Am currently mildly enjoying 'Middlemarch' for course in Sept.

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