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Advice needed please for my non-book loving dd aged 6

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Sonnet Wed 08-Aug-07 12:39:08

I am at a loss. we are a book loving family and have always read to my children. DD1 aged 10 loves books too but DD2 aged 6 has recently decided she dosn't want to know. She dosn't want me to read to her or read herself.

She is a competent reader at school. At 6 years and 4 months she had a reading age of 8yrs 9 months but read non school books to me or by herself...forget it!

I have always read to her but she dosn't even seem interested in that anymore - unless it is "my naughty little sister" or the magic faraway tree books.

I have left it for a few weeks now in case my enthusiasm was pushing her away.

Has anybody any advice how to resolve this situation?

witchandchips Wed 08-Aug-07 12:42:08

have books around. Talk to DD1 about books she is reading. Otherwise leave it.

tortoiseSHELL Wed 08-Aug-07 12:43:32

Magic Faraway tree is great though - go with what she likes - have you tried taking her to the library and letting her choose some books? Be led by her basically.

Sonnet Wed 08-Aug-07 12:53:15

Thanks for responding - yes I have let DD 2 choose her own books. She had a craze on the Rainbow Fairies set and I read them to her with her reading bits out to me - DD2 then told me that while she liked collecting the books she thought the stories were boring ( she has taste after all! ) - DD1 and I are reading Harry P at the moment so is a great topic for discussion. I have left it for the last 4 weeks but no change.
I remember when I started reading properly it was because I was so impatient to find out what happened in a book my mum was reading aloud to me so I picked it up and finished it myself - the same thing happened with DD1 with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I honestly don't think DD2 has found a book to effect her like that yet - iykwim?

tortoiseSHELL Wed 08-Aug-07 12:56:31

Ds1 really liked the Dr Seuss books - they got him enjoying reading, because he found them so funny, and then he moved onto things like Horrid Henry.

witchandchips Wed 08-Aug-07 13:00:14

captain underpants?

Sonnet Wed 08-Aug-07 13:50:15

Thanks Guys - will add to the list.
I am thinking of cooking up a plan. I choose a book that I think will apeal to DD2. DD1 and I read it aloud to each other, a chapter a day, in DD2's hearing - hoping against hope it sparks her interest...what do you think??

Fennel Wed 08-Aug-07 13:53:54

Some people just aren't readers. Lots of highly literate adults never read a fiction book for pleasure, I would just leave her, as she's clearly not struggling to learn to read.

Or what about trying factual books rather than fiction, my 5yo dd prefers factual books to fiction - things on history (Things like the Great Plague and Fire of london) or books on Life long Ago. Or things on bugs or animals. It's always surprised me as I assumed she'd prefer fiction but she laps up the facts. Libraries are full of that sort of book.

witchandchips Wed 08-Aug-07 13:53:57

sounds great. Good luck

have you had her eyes checked recently? it could be that she just finds close work like reading a bit tiring on her eyes

MaloryTowersHasManners Wed 08-Aug-07 13:55:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LIZS Wed 08-Aug-07 14:02:04

Sophie stories et al by Dick King Smith

MaloryTowersHasManners Wed 08-Aug-07 14:03:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LIZS Wed 08-Aug-07 14:07:40

My Naughty Little Sister

Sonnet Wed 08-Aug-07 14:14:42

never thought of that Fennel - she has a lift the flap body book that she love looking at.....
Need to get her to choose without the library otherwise she just wants 6 rainbow fairy/sparkly unicorn books to re-arrange in piles - won't let me read them to her as the story is "boring".......
Good tip about the eye witch and chips - thanks. I need to arraneg an optician app for DD1 so will do DD2 while I am at it - will do it now!

She does like Horrid Henry - wouldn't try Flat Stanly....but havn't tried Judy Moody. She didn;t like a Gwyneth Rees book about Mermaids but I'll look out for others

Sonnet Wed 08-Aug-07 14:15:57

Loves my naughty little sister - it is the only thing she will allow me to read to her.....I know them all off by heart now!

MaloryTowersHasManners Wed 08-Aug-07 14:17:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

liliac Wed 08-Aug-07 14:21:45

Try giving books a break for her but instead listen to story tapes, thats what I did with dd (now aged 12) and it helped to turn the corner.

Sonnet Wed 08-Aug-07 14:23:27

yes - was thinking along that line she seems to want "interesting and exciting" books. maybe I have bored her with a diet of "mild and gentle" books!

but if I suggest it the answer will be "no"

Will have to try my idea posted below and see if it sparks off any interest

Sonnet Wed 08-Aug-07 14:25:37

Good idea Lilliac - she loves story tapes at bedtime - although will only listen to "my naughty little sister".........

Can see a childless visit to the library coming on...

Sonnet Wed 08-Aug-07 14:26:26

Sorry Lilac....only one l..

liliac Wed 08-Aug-07 19:24:12

Not necessarily Sonnet, you can rent story tapes from the library. I don't know about you but I can read a book over and over but I couldn't listen to a story tape more than twice, rent it, and if your library doesn't do any decent ones, ask them either to get them for you or go to a bigger library ... don't forget your library card can be used in lots of libraries.

lexcat Fri 10-Aug-07 11:05:53

these are good dd 6 loves them or as she says their so silly and funny. The best thing is not to push the reading to much but have books around that she might enjoy so she can start to learn the joy of reading. After all if she's already a good read whats the worry if she don't read for abit.

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