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Anyone read Kate Atkinson's Big Sky? NO SPOILERS

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IdblowJonSnow Thu 12-Sep-19 00:43:36

It's really good, I reread the first four in anticipation as I couldn't remember them. It did strike me though thst jackson does very little detective work, the action mainly just revolves around him! I hope that one day he will solve the case of his own murdered sister.

Kate Atkinson is writing another JB already!
Transcription was good but just not my cup of tea.
I've read life after life 3 x I think, possibly my favourite book ever or certainly in the top 5.

Also enjoyed the reference to mumsnet! grin

user1487194234 Tue 10-Sep-19 22:24:53

I loved it
Haven't read Transcription yet
What is it about

Exeuntpersuedbyabear Sat 07-Sep-19 21:42:02

I’d recommend persevering; it wasn’t my favourite Jackson Brodie book, but the pace does pick up!

Chickoletta Fri 06-Sep-19 23:22:23

I’m about a third of the way through this on Audible (he’s just rescued some lads from the sea) and am not sure. So far, it seems to be a lot of description of a lot of characters who are tenuously linked together. Nothing has really happened.

Does it get pacier any time soon?

I’m a bit disappointed at the moment as I’ve loved all the other JB books - although, as someone else said, I don’t remember them vividly enough to feel that I’m understanding all of the subtle references to JB’s past.

The80sweregreat Fri 06-Sep-19 11:12:09

I really enjoyed ' one good turn'
One of my favourite books.

5foot5 Thu 05-Sep-19 16:02:03

I enjoyed it. I have liked all the Jackson Brodie novels apart from One Good Turn.

Was a bit disappointed in Transcription

ZenNudist Wed 28-Aug-19 09:03:34

I didn't enjoy it much. Ive read all the JB books as they were published and its just too far back in time to remember all the back story. I think it ruined it to meld so many threads together. I know shes not aiming for realism but it comes across as trying to be clever. Now a god in ruins was clever... this was clunky. It was ok but nothing special.

The80sweregreat Sun 25-Aug-19 18:40:53

I finished it and will read it again it's that good!

BaconAndAvocado Sat 24-Aug-19 23:00:21

I am now reading this and LOVING it.

KA definitely back on form after Transcription.

Her characterisation is second to none. I don't want it to end.

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The80sweregreat Sat 17-Aug-19 13:13:50

I love it so far , but there's a lot more description than I remember in the other books. (She mentions mumsnet! )

Clawdy Mon 12-Aug-19 15:53:07

I enjoyed it, but there were too many references to the previous novels. Don't think we really needed that.

Ellmau Sat 10-Aug-19 12:17:37

I loved Transcription!

Spoiler: the end was brilliant. If you abandoned it halfway through you missed the best bit.

StarlingsInSummer Thu 08-Aug-19 11:29:20

It's much better than Transcription - Transcription is the only KA that I've ended up abandoning halfway through.

Namechange3007 Tue 06-Aug-19 20:34:19

Its wonderful. Cant get into transcription at all.

pollyhemlock Sun 28-Jul-19 20:31:47

Loved Big Sky. Dark in places, but not as harrowing as the other Jackson Brodie books.

BaconAndAvocado Sat 27-Jul-19 13:29:57

Haha that's exactly the kind of thing my eldest son would do!

I can't wait to read it, have to get another (book group) book sad out of the way first.......

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rosegoldwatcher Fri 26-Jul-19 21:32:22

I did that very thing.

My son (who has access to our Amazon prime account and uses his credit card to order things through it) phoned from Edinburgh on the morning of my birthday.
He said, "Turn on your Kindle and you should find something."
(I did and saw Big Sky downloading..)
He said, "I wasn't asked for my credit card details so I think you might have paid for it yourself!"

Oh well, it is the thought that counts!

BaconAndAvocado Thu 25-Jul-19 20:52:58

Thanks rose I'm going to put it on my birthday list!

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rosegoldwatcher Wed 24-Jul-19 20:57:42

I have read it and very much enjoyed it. If you have read and liked her other Jackson Brodie books you will love this one too. ( I hope that it is filmed like the other JB stories.)
I downloaded the sample chapters of Transcription but it didn't appeal so I did not buy it.
There is another thread in What We Are Reading, about Big Sky, which you might like to read.

BaconAndAvocado Wed 24-Jul-19 06:29:11

Considering buying this as I usually adore KA but wasn't keen on Transcription.

That said, the Jackson Brodie novels have been superb so far.

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