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Going on holiday alone (well with dd).. need some good book recommendations...

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MascaraOHara Mon 30-Jul-07 12:41:17

It's the only chance I ever seem to get to really read, I normally take 3 books for a week

Do you have any recommendations. I've not picked up a book since last Septembers holiday where I read.. Year OfThe Roasted Ear, 100 Years of Solitude and then started Hotel Honolulu (which I couldn't get into)

I need something that will grip me.

I like thrillers, stories based on experiences, and soppy books... I only ever finish abook i f I literally can not put it down.

Thought about finally trying to read Memoirs of a Geisha or also White Teeth as I've not read either but not sure.. need inspiration to be honest.

mojotalking Mon 30-Jul-07 14:09:04

Everyone in my bookclub (all female) loved 'The Star of the Sea' by Joseph O' Connor and 'The Conjuror's Bird' by Martin Davies.

Have a lovely holiday!


MascaraOHara Mon 30-Jul-07 14:28:15

Oooo thank you, I will google them this evening.

Majorca Mon 30-Jul-07 16:17:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsSpoon Mon 30-Jul-07 16:19:50

Currently reading Getting Rid of Matthew which is a page turner and strikes me as a really good holiday read. I can recommend both Memoirs of a Geisha and White Teeth, both are fab (although White Teeth was lacking in research a little IMO).

MascaraOHara Mon 30-Jul-07 21:12:26

memoirs of a geisha is on my shelf at the minute so that's a definite one then..

Fingers crossed this is all I have to worry about.

MuminBrum Mon 30-Jul-07 21:14:21

I've just read "Home" by Manju Kapur - really enjoyed it.

lazycat Mon 30-Jul-07 21:15:50

I read White Teeth - really enjoyed it.

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