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Recommend me some holiday read please

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Moomin Wed 25-Jul-07 22:40:26

Going on hol week after next and will get chance to read which I haven't done for DONKEYS

Am saving Harry Potter til then but I read fast and really don't know what else to buy from Amazon. I've ordered Rupert Everett's autobio because I loved the reviews; books I've enjoyed the past few years:
Time Travellers Wife
Lovely Bones
Prayer for Owen Meany
Any Marian Keyes stuff

mummytosteven Wed 25-Jul-07 22:41:35

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.

Beetroot Wed 25-Jul-07 22:43:12

or rough music

lilolilmanchester Wed 25-Jul-07 22:50:45

I enjoyed "Gentlemen and Players" by Joanna Harris, but I have to say one of my friends didn't enjoy it that much, Also enjoyed "Winter in Madrid" (C.J. Sansom) One of my all time faves read many years ago was "prince of tides" by Pat Conroy. So much better than the film. Depends what you're after, whether you like a good story (as I do) or something a bit more challenging (as my DH does!)
For lighter reads, I really like Anita Shreve and Anne Tyler; light enough for holiday reading, but well written.
Ooh, "Cause Celebre" (Helen - Bridget Jones - Fielding) was another good one.
"my sister's keeper" - Jodie Picoult - is a tough read, a bit like lovely bones which you said you enjoyed.
I also love anything by Iris Gower - old family saga type stuff!

DoubleBluff Wed 25-Jul-07 23:02:30

I am currently re reading the Tales of the City sereis ny Armistead Maupin.They are really light but funny.
About a number of peopl living in San Francisco in the 70s. Completely outragesou but a good read

Majorca Wed 25-Jul-07 23:20:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lljkk Wed 25-Jul-07 23:22:23

Books I read recently & quite liked:

Kabul Beauty School, Deborah Rodriguez.
Barefoot Soldier, Jonathan Beharry.
Theft, A Love Story: Peter Carey.

You could read reviews and see if you think you might like. The Carey story is fiction, but very funny in places. Beharry's story is a revealing portrait... of many things.

And then there's a bit (true story) where Rodriguez waves a machine gun at her criminal neighbours in Kabul while wearing only PJs -- the irritation that gave her the gumption to do mostly fueled by PMT. That's very funny, too.

Jessicatmagnificat Thu 26-Jul-07 09:08:05

Just read "Engleby" by Sebastian Faulks. Creepy, easy to read, quite a nasty book. Would definitely recommend.

Highlander Fri 27-Jul-07 09:39:53

Another Faulks fan here - Charlotte Gray was just fab.

Am starting Saturday by Iain McKeowan. V Good so far.

Mary Carson and Maggie O'Farrell are nice holiday reads.

lljkk Tue 31-Jul-07 14:55:51

How to talk to a widower, by Jonathan Tropper. Very funny (and I'm such a misery guts little makes me laugh), although ridiculous at the end but forgivable because most of it is so good.

Artichokes Tue 31-Jul-07 14:58:39

The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Amazing reads. Very easy to get through but gripping and very sad. My best books of the last couple of years.

WideWebWitch Tue 31-Jul-07 15:00:25

If you CAT me and send me an SAE (because I KNOW I will not get around to posting otherwise, am disorganised and lazy) I will send you the latest Marian Keyes one, is there anyone out there if you want it.

You might like the Piers Morgan one too, The Insider, I liked it, out in paperback now I think

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