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Finished 'it' at 11.50

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Blandmum Sat 21-Jul-07 11:54:49

Cover to cover.

Did anyone on MN beat me?

Please don't post what happened except on the Spoiler thread

coddy Sat 21-Jul-07 11:58:21

he dies

REBELlatrixlestrange Sat 21-Jul-07 11:59:11

Behave Coddy!

Not wanting any spoilers, but did you enjoy the book?

Ladymuck Sat 21-Jul-07 11:59:54

Still waiting for the postman.... or ratehr the postvan as we have had our usual post round...
or am I being overly optimistic here.

Blandmum Sat 21-Jul-07 12:04:06

I thought it was a rattling good read.

Not great litrature, but a good story.

Read the first 150 pages, and went to bed. read the rest this morning.

It was a damn good story.

REBELlatrixlestrange Sat 21-Jul-07 12:08:03


Am off to read some more now, got three hours of peace, lol.

Formulaic claptrap I find, but entertaining formulaic claptrap, lol.

janeitebus Sat 21-Jul-07 15:15:53

Also read 150 pages last night, then finished it this morning. Thought it was a really good read; much better paced than TOTP and THBP and the battle is brilliant.

tribpot Sat 21-Jul-07 17:26:13

Agreed - really good story, although the film version could be a bit exhausting if they don't cut down on the narrow escapes!

DangerousBeans Sat 21-Jul-07 17:29:01

We were thinking that JK has certainly given the special effects people a lot to do when they film this one!

We've got 100 pages to go, and are really enjoying it.

I am hoarse from reading out loud, and my right eye has started to twitch!

AttilaTheMum Sat 21-Jul-07 17:33:22

When did you start MB? I read it in 8h 40m, but I didn't start until 8.30 this morning.
DS came in exactly as I'd finished & promptly took it away - he's trying to get as much read as possible before going out to the pub, at which point DD will take over....

Blandmum Sat 21-Jul-07 17:35:47

I read for 1 hour 15 minutes last night.

I read from 7.30 to 11.50 this morning, for 4 hours 20

5 hours 35 in total

I learned to speed read when I was a medical info officer and was paid to read medical journals all day.

Knew it would come in useful one day

JoolsToo Sat 21-Jul-07 17:36:56

I haven't read HP but that's all I want from a book - a good story.

Glad you enjoyed it

Spidermama Sat 21-Jul-07 17:37:57

I'm both baffled and impressed.

DangerousBeans Sat 21-Jul-07 17:38:43


pipsqueeke Sat 21-Jul-07 17:39:49

I plan on finishing it when DS is in bed later

Blandmum Sat 21-Jul-07 17:40:19

I see my self as a well rounded nerd (very well rounded ask MI) {wink]

Lastnight discussing genetics, today reading a kids book!

Both a damn sight more fun that this afternoon employment, painting the bedroom

rosmerta Sat 21-Jul-07 17:44:43

I finished it in 5 1/2 hrs but then I've had uninterrupted time (apart from drink & toilet breaks) as dh took ds out for the day!

tribpot Sat 21-Jul-07 17:47:13

Me too - frantic reading whilst ds had his nap, then handed him over to his daddy and said "I'm off" (Better go and pay them some attention now rather than MNing methinks!)

AttilaTheMum Sat 21-Jul-07 17:47:20

Actually I started at 8.30 & finished at 3.10 - that's 6 hours 40 m, isn't it, not 8?
Obviously I read faster than I do sums, not so well rounded as MB (Except in the purely physical sense)

tribpot Sat 21-Jul-07 18:26:37

Now I want to read it again, with less haste to find out what happens at the end!

PersonalHouseElf Sat 21-Jul-07 18:30:59

I started at 11am. Just finished now.
Thats what?....7 and a half hours.
When did you start MB?

PersonalHouseElf Sat 21-Jul-07 18:32:38

Blimey! And I thought I could speed read fast!

eca Sat 21-Jul-07 19:08:43

yey! Just finished this evening! Thought it was really good, better than expected. But v DARK...

Blandmum Sat 21-Jul-07 19:13:10

I read from 12.45 to 2.00 in the morning.

Slept from 2 to 7.30.

REad from 7.30 to 11.50.

dh is a kind and understanding man

Then laboured like a house elf painting our bed room.....payback time!

Filchymindedvixen Sat 21-Jul-07 19:30:24

ok, anyone want to sell me a copy for a fiver??

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