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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - read this review, quick!

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DumbledoresGirl Thu 19-Jul-07 09:48:50

Just found this review - yikes!

DumbledoresGirl Thu 19-Jul-07 09:50:15

This bit is the most interesting:

"Harry’s journey will propel him forward to a final showdown with his arch enemy, and also send him backward into the past, to the house in Godric’s Hollow where his parents died, to learn about his family history and the equally mysterious history of Dumbledore’s family. At the same time, he will be forced to ponder the equation between fraternity and independence, free will and fate, and to come to terms with his own frailties and those of others. Indeed, ambiguities proliferate throughout “The Deathly Hallows”: we are made to see that kindly Dumbledore, sinister Severus Snape and perhaps even the awful Muggle cousin Dudley Dursley may be more complicated than they initially seem, that all of them, like Harry, have hidden aspects to their personalities, and that choice — more than talent or predisposition — matters most of all."

I knew Snape was a goodie but I really don't want Dumbledore to be confirmed as a baddie

IdrisTheDragon Thu 19-Jul-07 09:50:31

Do I really want to read this or not? CanI resist? Are there major spoilers?

DumbledoresGirl Thu 19-Jul-07 09:51:17

No not really spoilers as such.

cazzybabs Thu 19-Jul-07 09:52:07

I am have suddenly realised I cannot remember the story in the 6th book and am trying to read that before Sat (well and NOT enterain the 2dds)....I can't wait!

DumbledoresGirl Thu 19-Jul-07 09:52:36

Just hints of what might be. Please read it!

I must confess I went looking for spoilers as I heard someone has posted the ending on the web, but this is not a spoiler.

ProfessorGrammaticus Thu 19-Jul-07 10:06:39

Oohh that's very interesting! And if there is one review, does that mean there will be more before Saturday?

mistypeaks Thu 19-Jul-07 10:08:44

i'm getting sooo excited. I normally go for spoilers, but I'm determined not to this time. I must say though if dudders ends up helping Harry out - I will cry. Oh I'm gonna cry anyway aren't I?

DumbledoresGirl Thu 19-Jul-07 10:17:24

I have to admit I am terrible about spoilers. I simply cannot wait for anything - I was the sort of child who went looking for Christmas presents hidden in the house!

I may as well admit to you all now that the very first thing I will do when my copy arrives on Saturday is turn to the last page. I was telling my sons this today and they asked why. It is simply that, if Harry is to die, I need to know that before I invest all my emotional energy into him throughout the 600+ pages of the book. It gives me time to prepare. I don't find it takes anything away from the reading the story. I knew about Dumbledore before I read HBP - you lot on MN told me about him! (unwittingly).

Don't worry though: I will not come on MN to spoil it for those of you who can bear not knowing. I am staying right off MN until the book is finished as I know someone will read it before me and if they do, I will be right in there, reading their posts, trying to find spoilers, before I have even got past Ch 1!

kneazlechick Thu 19-Jul-07 11:04:22

I don't like spoilers and would be mightily p*ed off if someone deliberately spoiled the book for me ... however, I read that review as I want to be prepared for the "blood bath" that JKR has warned us about

I'm even more intrigued now!!! Only 37 hours to go!!! (Unless, like me, you're waiting for the postie the Only 2 more sleeps to go!!!)

expatinscotland Thu 19-Jul-07 11:05:16

And then he dies .

Hagridsjockstrap Thu 19-Jul-07 12:40:16

Can't wait! I don't think he'll die, purely because she might change her mind in say 10 years when she's run out of cash or something and needs a few quid - easy enough to write another book then

patronuscharm Thu 19-Jul-07 12:45:32

He won't die because the who storyline is the battle of good over evil - not likely that Harry will die - he will win the battle.

DumbledoresGirl Thu 19-Jul-07 12:56:32

Do you think he might lose his powers though?

I am really excited having read this review. I want to know more ahout Dumbledore and Harry's families - intriguing. I also want to be proved right about Snape.

And I am definitely excited at the prospect of Harry having to choose between looking for the horcruxes and looking for the hallows - that sounds very interesting.

Desiderata Thu 19-Jul-07 12:58:50

If Mr Dahl have written Harry Potter, Harry would certainly have died at the end!

mumofSlytherinsmonsters Thu 19-Jul-07 13:02:37

you can buy it in new york already?????

I didn't want to read this when i saw the thread this morning but i have been drawn to it! made me more eager for the book! I don't think there is any ONE thing that can spoil it for me, there is so much i want to now that there can't possibly be that many spoilers!!

mistypeaks Thu 19-Jul-07 13:21:40

worse than harry dying what if he turns to the darkside to save his friends?
What if his father isn't dead, but voldemort (too starwars I know)

saltireslytherin Thu 19-Jul-07 13:27:17

I think it reads more like the authors opinions than an actual review

DumbledoresGirl Thu 19-Jul-07 13:33:01

Well I suppose the reviewer can't give away any plotlines...

slinkyjo Thu 19-Jul-07 13:43:52

omg i cant wait to go get it

persephonesnape Thu 19-Jul-07 16:23:35

'Voldemort and his followers have infiltrated Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic'

so, who do you think is a sleeper at hogwarts?

I reckon slughorn.

mistypeaks Thu 19-Jul-07 19:28:18

nah it's gotta be Filch and I'll bet he's no squib!!!

mistypeaks Thu 19-Jul-07 19:28:18

nah it's gotta be Filch and I'll bet he's no squib!!!

rosmerta Thu 19-Jul-07 19:54:23

I reckon its the Creevey brothers who are the Hogwart spies

Have read the review and its only made me more impatient! I don't want to know the end until I get there though!

lou33 Thu 19-Jul-07 19:58:44

on fri morning between 8 and 9, my local radio station is reading out the final chapter live on air

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