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I still haven't gotten around to "Dance to the Music of Time"

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Gremlinsateit Wed 01-May-19 11:16:33

Thanks for posting the link. How I love these books.

Terramirabilis Mon 29-Apr-19 19:32:19

I was joking about the pronunciation being the most critical fact! Don't want to cause a complex.

TheBulb Sun 28-Apr-19 10:24:10

Not to rhyme with ‘trowel’, more like ‘Pole’.

Pinkruler Sun 28-Apr-19 10:15:40

Probably- it was out in the 90s. Weirdly I remember the adverts for it were Douwe Egberts coffee.

Is Powell not pronounced Powell?

TheBulb Sun 28-Apr-19 10:02:31

I confess here are a gap in my reading, too. I can never get excited about the idea of them. Like Trollope. Every friend I have tells me I must read Trollope, and the more they tell me, the more I resist and tell them they need to read all of Proust.

Is the TV adaptation the one with the brilliant Simon Russell Beale?

cortex10 Sun 28-Apr-19 09:58:26

TV series is still available to download on All4 - it's one of my favourites

Pinkruler Sun 28-Apr-19 09:27:59

I loved the TV series and have tried to read the books but didn't get far.. maybe I should try again.

Terramirabilis Sun 28-Apr-19 04:36:16


Terramirabilis Sun 28-Apr-19 04:35:57

Oh and of corse the most critical fact is the correct pronunciation of Powell.

Terramirabilis Sun 28-Apr-19 04:34:49

I read it all nearly 20 years ago. Makes me want to read it again but it's quite a commitment. Can't remember much now apart from "books do furnish a room", the Chinese restaurant and some scene from the end of WW1 or WW2 outside a church where they're lightheaded with relief that the war's over.

echt Sun 28-Apr-19 02:44:14

It's bloody wonderful. I envy your having yet to read it. I've read it so many time I've lost count. Possibly 9-10.

HarryTheSteppenwolf Sat 27-Apr-19 07:13:51

The television adaptation was very good. The books were better. I started reading A Question of Upbringing the day I got my degree results (in 1985). I finished Heating Secret Harmonies about 14 months later. (I did read other books in between.)

BasiliskStare Thu 25-Apr-19 02:12:26

That's interesting @MsAmerica - I read the first four and then was distracted - but there was ( as I recall) a TV adaptation. Widmerpool is a fantastic ( if not loveable) character. If I am to be honest - I prefer Waugh , but I am minded to give these another go - Thank You

ElleMcFearsome Mon 22-Apr-19 09:19:48

The first two volumes are lurking on my kindle. I keep telling myself that I'm waiting for the right mood to take me to read them...

MsAmerica Sun 21-Apr-19 02:18:21

but I'm posting this article in case anyone is interested.

How Anthony Powell Wrote His Twelve-Volume Masterpiece
Four decades after its completion, “A Dance to the Music of Time” endures as a classic, with a devoted following of readers who love it—or love to hate it.
By Charles McGrath

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