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Yes we are still obsessed with Harry Potter!

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CharleeWeasley Thu 12-Jul-07 11:23:33

Hope nobody minds

MrsWeasley Thu 12-Jul-07 11:24:33

hello found you too <<waves again>>

PhoenixSongbird Thu 12-Jul-07 11:24:53

Mmnn, what we gonna do?

CharleeWeasley Thu 12-Jul-07 11:26:09

I don't know it is such a dilema!!!!!!!!!

MrsWeasley Thu 12-Jul-07 11:36:23

dont worry we can fill them both LOL

MrsWeasley Thu 15-Nov-07 21:15:11

other thread full so I have moved to our "spare" one.

some time ago someone was asking if the scene with Umbridge inspecting Trelawney class was in the film and the answer was no but if you buy the 2 disc DVD it is in there under additional scenes grin

Obsessed moi? grin

CalifraundingFathers Thu 15-Nov-07 21:19:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bookofthedeadmum Thu 15-Nov-07 21:30:29

Did anyone else have problems hacking their way into the DVD case of the film??!!

Mine was bought from Tescos but there was a great bit red tab running all the way round the case. I managed to slide the DVD out through a gap in the side grin.

MrsWeasley Thu 15-Nov-07 21:38:11

mine was fine but when it starts I get a selection of languages and it wont go passed the 2nd page so when it starts I have to quickly press the "disc Menu" button.

Havent watched it all the way through yet. my DS wants me to wait to watch it with him AGHHHHHHHHH!!!!

bookofthedeadmum Thu 15-Nov-07 21:40:21

I was offered 'Australian' amongst my language choices. hmm. Must have been imported from outside Europe.

PaperChain Thu 15-Nov-07 21:45:33

califrau - link perlease grin

persephonesnape Thu 15-Nov-07 21:49:56

<boast> got mine for £9 from morrisons.

did anyone else see the casting of Lavender brown in todays papers? she looks VERY pretty.

(hello, you lot, again! )

persephonesnape Thu 15-Nov-07 21:55:48

ooh! and


sorry. you probably discussed all of this on the other thread - i can't track it down just now...

bookofthedeadmum Thu 15-Nov-07 22:03:16

Ha! Mine was £8 if you spent more than £30. They count the original DVD into the £30 as well. It's on to the 18th Nov .

Couldn't wait to ask for it as a Christmas present blush.

PaperChain Thu 15-Nov-07 22:05:44

I am trying to wait for Christmas. trying....

bookofthedeadmum Thu 15-Nov-07 22:07:25

I have no patience blush.

Mind I am still short of the GoF film for some reason. I think that I can wait a few more weeks....

<<taps fingers impatiently>>

PaperChain Thu 15-Nov-07 22:08:32


MrsWeasley Thu 15-Nov-07 22:10:26

I couldn't wait grin

PaperChain Thu 15-Nov-07 22:15:49

willpower Mrs W grin

MrsWeasley Thu 15-Nov-07 22:22:30

not my strong point grin

PaperChain Thu 15-Nov-07 22:31:41

nme neither!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rosmerta Fri 16-Nov-07 12:01:35

heeyyyy, I wondered if we'd be carrying on grin

My dh (surprisingly) told me a story about the Lavender Brown casting, that they had an open audition and then didn't cast anyone from it! And apparently, the person they have casted is older than the age limit they had in the open auditions. Think there are some very upset girls & mummies out there!

persephonesnape Fri 16-Nov-07 12:55:02

oh i dunno. wouldn't be too pleased at my daughter drooling all over Ronald.

mind you she is 12. ;)

i do hope they CGI the canaries whirling around Hermiones head that attack Ron.

Have they cast Narcissa yet?

DumbledoresGirl Fri 16-Nov-07 12:58:40

Hello, fellow obsessors! I have managed to walk past no fewer than 5 stands selling the HP5 dvd in the last 2 days. I have not even picked it up. I will be getting it for Christmas. <hopes dh actually reads my Christmas list>

fawkeoff Fri 16-Nov-07 13:03:12

dp bought me the special hohwarts chest with all 5 dvds in special edition spell books grin i have spesh things in it

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