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I'm going shopping tomorrow for a few books to read on holiday, what have you read recently that you really enjoyed?

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Aimsmum Wed 11-Jul-07 21:04:23

Message withdrawn

pollywollydoodle Wed 11-Jul-07 21:23:29

how about the thunderbolt kid by bill bryson...very funny....might have to tear yourself away a bit though

restless by william boyd is a cracking thriller and yarn but you might need a bit of time to settle yourself into it

may contain nuts by john o'farrell is funny and you could put it down and pick it up a week later as the plot is a minor feature

hermykne Wed 11-Jul-07 21:29:19

this book will change oyur life am homes (great modern fresh read)
on chesil beach ian mc ewan (wonderful didnt like initally but the writing is superb and tragic warm ending )
inheritance of loss kiran desai (absolutely love this book)
intrepretation of muder - good holiday read.

hmm what else.....

Aimsmum Wed 11-Jul-07 21:36:55

Message withdrawn

AuntJetPetunia Wed 11-Jul-07 21:38:30

I read "The Island" by Victoria Hislop. It was easy reading and I enjoyed the story. I'd recommend it for a holiday.

thirtysomething Wed 11-Jul-07 21:39:52

Iris and Ruby by Rosie Thomas - lovely old-fashioned (but not Mills and Boon-y) romance
The Island - Victoria Hislop
Any books by Jodi Picoult or Maggie O'Farrell

pinkteddy Wed 11-Jul-07 21:40:13

Restless - William Boyd - great holiday read. DH read it too!

Filchymindedvixen Wed 11-Jul-07 21:42:12

Another vote for the Thunderbolt Kid - if you a bryson fan it's laugh out loud funny.
I really enjoyed the Short History of tractors in the Ukraine - by Marina Lewycka.

Don't be out off by the title, it's FAB.

Pies and Prejudice by Stuart marconie is also very amusing (but I'm northern so have a bias)

Aimsmum Wed 11-Jul-07 22:37:14

Message withdrawn

StripeyBroomstickSpottyWand Thu 12-Jul-07 12:07:44

The House At Riverton.

Butterbeertroot Thu 12-Jul-07 12:08:53

Patrick Gale - Rough Music

hatjam Thu 12-Jul-07 15:38:12

busy woman seeks wife
warnings of gales (both by annie sanders)
self preservation society by kate harrison

OhNo40 Thu 12-Jul-07 15:56:11

V Light - anything by Katie Fforde
Thriller - Kathy Reichs (forensic anthropology so lots of bones) or Jeffrey Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme books (The Cold Moon is the latest, also Bone Collector, Coffin Dancer, The Vanished Man, Stone Monkey).
Would support Iris & Ruby by Rosie Thomas and any others of hers (except the one about the [Ant]arctic which has a bit of a silly plot line).

BecauseImTheFatLady Sat 14-Jul-07 22:26:22

Janet Evanovitch (think that's how you spell it) has a fantastic series about Stephanie Plum. Each one has a number in the title - e.g. One for the Money - she is now up to number 12 (Twelve Sharp).

Stephanie Plum is a Bond Enforcement Agent in New Jersey.

They are very light hearted 'crime/thriller' stories, and also deal with her love affair/attractions to the two men in her life - Joe Morelli, a cop, and Ranger, an independent agent.

Very frothy, but really entertaining!

Ioanna27 Thu 22-Aug-13 16:04:32

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

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