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Authors similar to Mike Gayle

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WanderingWaterbird Fri 29-Mar-19 05:53:59

I have really enjoyed the Gayle novels I have read, especially his most recent, The Man I Think I Know. I like the fact that he writes about very deep issues, but still uses humour appropriately. I also like that, although it is very obvious that his main characters are flawed, you can see the good in them.
(I am also an avid chic-lit I'm looking for some fiction that's more thought-provoking but maybe still has elements of chic lit).

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chilling19 Fri 29-Mar-19 05:57:00

Have you tried Dorothy Koomson? All her books are good.

WanderingWaterbird Fri 29-Mar-19 06:18:25

I haven't, but I've just looked her books up and they sound great.

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chilling19 Fri 29-Mar-19 07:32:22

They are. I found Mike Gayle after asking the same question about her!

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