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Dottierichardson Tue 26-Mar-19 02:36:51

Waterstones' branches are in high streets across the country; their booksellers work long hours, on their feet, shifting heavy boxes, stocking shelves, helping customers, supporting reading and literacy. Yet they are paid a very low wage please support booksellers asking to be paid a 'living wage' and sign their petition, thanks. BTW I don't work for them but I'm a prolific book buyer, and the only local ones are Waterstones, I hate that the booksellers who've been so helpful and recommended so many great books are barely managing to cope on their low wages:

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Dottierichardson Tue 26-Mar-19 12:52:18


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BigGapMum Tue 26-Mar-19 12:55:59

Sadly the same could be said about the working conditions of most retail staff.

Dottierichardson Tue 26-Mar-19 16:45:46

Yes and when they mobilise for better pay and/or conditions I'll support them too.

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cdtaylornats Thu 28-Mar-19 13:55:55

I suspect Dottie works for Amazon and is trying to put Waterstones out of business.

Dottierichardson Fri 29-Mar-19 01:16:11

Well I suppose it's not surprising that a poster with links to a 'Conservative Association' is unable to comprehend anyone being concerned about the plight of the low paid unless that concern has its roots in commercial self-interest.

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Dottierichardson Fri 29-Mar-19 01:43:53

Authors supporting Waterstone’s workers include: Kerry Hudson, Val McDermid, Sally Rooney, Juno Dawson, Daniel Hahn, Jackie Kay, Michael Rosen, Holly Seddon, Jon Courtenay Grimwood and Frank Cottrell-Boyce. What secret commercial agenda does this disparate group of authors share cdtaylornats? Do tell? I'm breathless with anticipation...

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MsAmerica Sun 07-Apr-19 04:12:51

YES! Everyone needs to remember:
1. Support bookstores in your community (especially, to my mind, independent ones).
2.Don't restrict yourself to used books bought online.

If the publishers aren't making money, there will be fewer books.

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