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To kill a mocking Bird, care to discuss?

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sarz Mon 25-Jun-07 18:32:00

i just finished it!

fillyjonk Mon 25-Jun-07 18:33:05

god didn't you have to read it for gcse?

what do you want to discuss?

i haven't read it in 10 years though, am pos not the best person to talk about it to

Twiglett Mon 25-Jun-07 18:33:13

oh I'd love to read it for the first time again <sigh>

SlightlyMadStroppyCakeMaker Mon 25-Jun-07 18:33:15

I loved this at school, but I am afraid I cn't remeber enough of it to discuss it with you.

Wolfgirl Mon 25-Jun-07 18:34:30

Is this the one about the little black girl that got beaten up and abused, and the father killed the abusers - or was that a Time to Kill....

precis sar si vous plait

MegaLegs Mon 25-Jun-07 18:34:55

Did you enjoy it? Have to bath ds4 and then choir so don't have time to discuss - is my favourite book though.

SlightlyMadStroppyCakeMaker Mon 25-Jun-07 18:35:31

To kill a Mocking bird probably came second to An Inspector called.

littlelapin Mon 25-Jun-07 18:38:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JoolsToo Mon 25-Jun-07 21:18:35


dull, dull, DULL!

sarz Tue 26-Jun-07 17:23:07

I am so rubbish! start a thread then forget about it!!!

Does any one have any ideas on how old scout is when telling the story? She seems alot older when telling the story than when she is saying what she said/did. And in some parts she says things like, i didnt understand at the time, or later i found out etc.

Jools, i thought it was a great book! Scout reminds me pf the sort of girl i was, and Jem reminds me of how i was when my younger sibling or cousin were around!

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