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Could you recommend some modern short story collections, please?

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WaterBird Tue 20-Nov-18 06:33:41

I suppose that by "modern", I mean something within the last few decades. I like pretty much everything except horror and fantasy. So far, the best collections I have read have been by Jojo Moyes, Patrick Gale, and Fay Weldon.

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BedHair Tue 20-Nov-18 06:42:59

Anything by the Canadian writer Alice Munro, who is a genius. Edna O’Brien’s Saints and Sinners.

Cherrypi Tue 20-Nov-18 06:49:45

I’m enjoying Roar by Cecelia Ahern at the moment. Has magical realism elements.

WaterBird Tue 20-Nov-18 06:50:43

Thanks so much. I've read some of Alice Munro's stuff and will have to check out Edna oBrien.

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WaterBird Tue 20-Nov-18 06:51:38

I didn't know that Cecilia Ahern does short stories too. Will have to look into these.

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SergeantPfeffer Tue 20-Nov-18 06:54:12

The Pastures of Heaven by John Steinbeck.

TwoGinScentedTears Tue 20-Nov-18 06:56:02

I have the Curtis sittingfeld collection of short stories in my Amazon basket. I haven't read them (obvs!) but they look great!

IWouldBeSuperb Tue 20-Nov-18 06:56:54

I really enjoyed Margaret Atwood's 'Stone Mattress'.

Cherrypi Tue 20-Nov-18 09:36:19

I'm very tempted by the Curtis Sittenfeld ones too. Heard great things and loved her novels.

AutumnCrow Tue 20-Nov-18 09:41:02

Maybe Binchy's Victoria Line, Circle Line is excellent - it has a wonderful retro feel now!

For sci fi lyrical fantasy I always loved Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man.

TooDamnSarky Tue 20-Nov-18 09:44:31

The New Yorker short story podcasts are free and a great way of finding new authors.

XingMing Tue 20-Nov-18 15:35:59

I'm enjoying the Tom Hanks collection, Uncommon Type; at least the three I've read so far.

TonTonMacoute Tue 20-Nov-18 19:24:20

Helen Simpson, who has several collections. Four Bare Legs on a Bed is the earliest I think.

An American called Lorrie Moore is also excellent.

MrsL2016 Tue 20-Nov-18 19:36:14

Not all modern but a great variety:

That Glimpse of Truth: The 100 Finest Short Stories Ever Written

WaterBird Wed 21-Nov-18 00:12:14

I just want to thank everyone for all your suggesttions.
Have now been reading Helen Simpson's collection titled "Get A Life" and like it a lot.

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