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Any one help with Darren Shan type books?

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miggy Mon 18-Jun-07 22:01:41

DS2 (10) has never been an avid reader but since stumbling across a Darren Shan book in a rented house at easter, he has devoured the whole series, trouble is he's about to start the last one!
Its great to see him hooked on reading, they are dreadful books but they are books and anything that gives him the reading bug is fine by me.
Any ideas for something similar I can wean him on to? Any other vampire books Ive found seem to be a bit to sexy for a 10yr old!

wordgirl Mon 18-Jun-07 22:10:59

My 11-year-old DS2 is also a big Darren Shan fan and has read the whole series.
The other series that had him hooked (although not vampire-related) is by Robert Muchamore and is something to do with spies. DS has now finished all of these books and is re-reading the old ones until a new one comes out.

tigi Mon 18-Jun-07 22:29:18

anthony horrowitz, lots
marianne Curley The named/the dark/the key
paul stewart & Chris riddell - the edge chronicles
my 12 yo loves them all!

miggy Mon 18-Jun-07 22:34:48

Wordgirl-thanks, the muchamore ones look just the kind of thing, have just ordered the first one from amazon-fingers crossed!
Tigi-Have tried Horrowitz-he only liked the short thriller story collections, have tried Edge chronicles (his older brother liked those so they are kicking about here) but didnt like those, Will look up the Curley ones-thank you.
Think he doesnt like fantasy, prefers more realistic stuff (apart of course from vampires!), the Shan books are written in a quite down to earth way apart from the scarey bits!

JMary Thu 21-Jun-07 15:31:05

Vampirates is a great newish series which is quite young. Have you tried Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl books - they are good for 8+. I know boys of 7 and boys of 15 who love them - plus there are lots of them to keep them occupied.

fruittea Thu 21-Jun-07 15:38:20

Icemark chronicles?


stleger Thu 21-Jun-07 16:14:24

Skulduddery Pleasant - skeleton detective.

tigi Thu 21-Jun-07 17:12:47

I'll pass these extra names onto ds - know he's not keen on artemis fowl though.

NerdMagnet Thu 21-Jun-07 17:14:36

We're reading Skulduggery Pleasant, stleger.
It's great.
The Ratbridge Chronicles are good too.

stleger Thu 21-Jun-07 17:27:22

DD1 gave it 9 on the scale of Harry Potter being a 10.

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