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AIBU about book clubs?

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toomuchsplother Sat 06-Oct-18 10:51:53

Happy to be told I am but just need some perspective!
AIBU to think that if you join a book club you should actually read the book or even be interested in reading?
I belong to a couple of book groups and I am really struggling with people who never finish or even start the book! I don't mean occasionally, I know life gets in the way at times, but consistently.
And also people who go white if the book is over 200 pages long?
Surely if you join a book group you a) like reading, b) generally find time to read and c) want to talk about books?
Am I missing something?

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Starlight345 Sat 06-Oct-18 10:53:24

No I don’t think you are that is why I don’t join a book club . I read what I want to read

DolorestheNewt Sat 06-Oct-18 11:01:35

I'm quite relieved to see this, OP, because a friend recently said, ooh, join our book club, asked the queen bee if I could play too, and the queen bee refused because I can't do Thursdays so wouldn't be able to attend 100% (they have different days every month).

Sounds like I dodged a bullet on more than one count.

But a more direct theoretical response to your question would be, if I joined a book club, I'd want to read the book, yes. I've only recently regained the constant reading habit of my younger self properly after years of struggling to force myself to read, so I tend to need a structure to keep myself in line.

I really don't understand, incidentally, why there's a large part of myself that's shouting READ YOUR BOOK! READ YOUR BOOK! and I really want to, yet here I am, titting around on MN.

SpoonBlender Sat 06-Oct-18 12:35:00

Totally reasonable. Is there very good cake at the discussion evenings or something, so that people are there for that and not books?

toomuchsplother Sat 06-Oct-18 13:08:17

It seems to become a general chat, about anything other than the books. And don't get me wrong I like to chat but I have friends I can that with. I join the book group to talk about books because I enjoy - well- talking about books!
@DolorestheNewt That book group sounds militant!! Don't get me wrong I am not expecting 100% attendance!! And I sit and smile and nod sympathetically when people haven't read it. But it is starting to really irritate!

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