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A book review list? Where has it gone?

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HappydaysArehere Sat 25-Aug-18 10:09:12

Is my memory playing tricks but didn’t mumsnet have a book review list which you could refer to? I remember leaving reviews on it. Used to find it really useful and when enjoying a book could share my pleasure by writing a review.

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CramptonHodnet Sat 25-Aug-18 11:53:07

I know. I left a couple of reviews on it too in the past. Can't find it either - was looking for it a couple of days ago. Wonder why it's gone?

Dottierichardson Sat 25-Aug-18 12:08:02

How did it work? I've switched to putting reviews on Goodreads now, but wouldn't mind posting reviews on MN still.

CramptonHodnet Sat 25-Aug-18 13:29:10

There is/was a section within Mumsnet Reviews for books, divided into categories, and searchable. It was good. No idea why it can't be found any more.

I put my reviews on Goodreads, and was putting a copy or shorter version here as well. I don't mind too much now, as I like Goodreads but am curious to know what happened.

Dottierichardson Sat 25-Aug-18 17:41:25

It seems a shame, I've just sorted myself out on Goodreads and I like it too, so far, but do like sharing impressions of books or shouting the praises of ones I particularly like so would be nice to have somewhere on MN to post too.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 25-Aug-18 17:43:23

You could join us on the 50 Books threads - all welcome and lots and lots of reviews on there.

Dottierichardson Sat 25-Aug-18 17:45:54

Remus sorry think we x-posted, assume you were talking to the other posters.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 25-Aug-18 17:58:32

Think we cross-posted, Dottie, but absolutely all welcome!

I find Goodreads a bit of a fiddle.

Dottierichardson Sat 25-Aug-18 18:10:26

Remus *yes I suppose it is a bit of a fiddle, but it's good in that you can decide what you want to respond to and so on...And it does have advantages, for example, as a woman of colour I like being able to raise issues re: race and representation with like-minded readers, without feeling that others are not necessarily interested in/or have similar responses to certain texts. Particularly when so few books are marketed to ethnic minority readerships.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 25-Aug-18 18:19:16

I think the beauty of all review sites is that you'll get lots of different opinions about lots of different texts. Anyway, I hadn't intended to start a debate about different kinds of review sites, or about anything else, so will disappear from this now.

OP - do have a look at the 50 Books threads, maybe - reviews always welcome!

CramptonHodnet Sat 25-Aug-18 19:28:19

I used to post on 50 Book Thread - did so for several years under another NN but have just found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the threads and bowed out, preferring to read and review at a slower pace.

I do still have a quick dip into the threads from time to time to see if there's anything that interests me smile. But it's not possible to index them so they're not easily searchable when you want one particular book.

CramptonHodnet Sat 25-Aug-18 19:52:46

@DottieRichardson I'm searchable by my MN nickname on Goodreads if you'd like to be friends on there (no obligation, if you'd rather not smile). There's several Mumsnetters over on Goodreads.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 25-Aug-18 20:02:38

Good point about searching. Very true!

HappydaysArehere Sun 26-Aug-18 09:15:38

I always look at reviews on Goodreads but haven’t joined. I look at the 50 book challenge and the reviews I have seen are useful but don’t find the long lists as useful as single reviews. I notice some books are highlighted so expect them to be good but what about the others? I read constantly from one book to another but find I haven’t kept track of them sufficiently to list on the thread. Some books are hefty tomes and others shorter so counting seems a little vague. Come on Mumsnet give us a review section?

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Dottierichardson Sun 26-Aug-18 14:41:06

@CramptonHodnet Thanks that's lovely, I will search you now and send a 'friend request', I go by my nickname on Goodreads, starts with 'M' and currently one of the books I'm reading is 'Wise Children',

Dottierichardson Sun 26-Aug-18 14:45:27

@CramptonHodnet sent the request and answered the question, felt a bit like a knight on a quest!

CramptonHodnet Sun 26-Aug-18 18:29:05

Got your friend request and accepted. See you over there smile

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