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What’s the title? Help please!

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FedUpWithBriiiiiick Sat 25-Aug-18 09:16:28

I don't know the book, sorry, but it sounds like something Catherine Cookson would write. Maybe that's a starting point?

DerekTheBrave Sat 25-Aug-18 09:04:46

I think it was the UK - wealthy, possibly aristocratic ‘old’ family.

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Clawdy Sat 25-Aug-18 08:09:43

Which country was it set in?

DerekTheBrave Fri 24-Aug-18 18:06:33

And the baby was called Yan or Yak or Something similar - and I think grew up to be the saviour/hero?

It was a book that spanned a few generations I think.

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DerekTheBrave Fri 24-Aug-18 17:25:58

This has been annoying me for days now and i’m hoping someone will recognise it.

A (young) woman marries her wealthy deceased husband’s son...he visits her in a cottage and pays for sex but then marries her (I think)

They have a load of kids and then slowly part due to his growing relationship with the male estate manager (who is Scottish) and his control over the husband.

Then the woman gets raped by both of them (at a hotel I think) and has a child, much younger than all the rest...suspected to be the estate managers. The father moves and takes all the kids to London with him whilst she is left in the Country with the baby.

That’s all I remember...any ideas anyone?

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