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Booker Prize 2018

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EmilyDickinson Tue 07-Aug-18 18:42:30

Is anyone / has anyone read any of the longlist books yet? It's an interesting list including a graphic novel for the first time, a thriller and the author (Michael Ondaatje) who has just won the Golden Booker.

I've read The Snap by Belinda Bauer, which is the thriller. It's well plotted and a real page turner.

I'm in the process of reading The Overstory by Richard Powers which is beautifully written and densely packed with information. I'm quite glad I've bought it on kindle as it simplifies looking up the words I haven't come across! I am hugely enjoying it but it's a book that demands time and attention.

I also have Warlight by Michael Ondaatje so will read that too.

Has anyone read any of the others yet? I'd be interested in recommendations as I'm going to try and read a few more before the shortlist and the winner is chosen. I do like to see if I can spot the winner.

CramptonHodnet Tue 07-Aug-18 19:56:08

Not this year. I read some of the Women's Prize books, Costa Prize and Wainwright Prize this year. I have a copy of Snap by Belinda Bauer. It won't make the short list I feel sure but makes an interesting inclusion in the list.

Murine Wed 08-Aug-18 21:51:37

I haven’t read any of the list yet, I’ve reserved a lot of them at the library though (they’ll probably all turn up at once won’t they?!) as I like to try (and fail) to read my way through the long list and try to guess which will win.

Acrasia Thu 09-Aug-18 19:42:26

I have read five so far and enjoyed them all, my absolute stand out is Everything Under by Daisy Johnson. It is a modern reimagining of a greek myth, so not necessarily realistic, but beautiful and gripping.

Palegreenstars Fri 10-Aug-18 08:46:37

I haven’t read any this year. However, I’ve just bought the Mars Room and Washington Black as was most excited by those.

stilllovingmysleep Sat 11-Aug-18 07:32:31

I haven't read any but I'm particularly interested in reading Sabrina, the first graphic novel nominated for the booker!

I have bought a few of the others when the longlist came out and they're about to be read.

Acrasia Sat 11-Aug-18 07:58:28

Sabrina is particularly interesting with all the news about Alex Jones and Infowars at the moment.

southeastdweller Sun 12-Aug-18 19:42:34

I've reserved Warlight and In Our Mad And Furious City from the library. Having loved Conversations with Friends, I've pre-ordered Normal People and really looking forward to reading that in a few weeks time.

bsquared Mon 17-Sep-18 14:37:44

I read Sabrina, and enjoyed it - although I’m a bit bamboozled by a graphic novel being on the longlist (... is that a fogeyish thing to say??!).

Warlight has been a bit of a slow burn; I thought it was deeply dull for the first three quarters but found it gentle and beautiful by the end. Normal People is next for me.

southeastdweller Mon 17-Sep-18 20:44:00

I read Normal People last week and really enjoyed it. Just DNF'd Snap as the story was ridiculous.

bookworm14 Tue 18-Sep-18 20:15:19

I’ve only read Milkman by Anna Burns so far, which I thought was stunning. Not many of the others appeal, but I want to get hold of the Sally Rooney.

whippetwoman Wed 19-Sep-18 10:18:56

I've read a few of these. The first was Snap, which was ok, but not really Booker worthy IMHO. Also read Warlight, which although not perfect, contains some beautiful imagery. I've also read The Mars Room, which was good and Everything Under which I actually didn't enjoy as I found it over-written. Also read Ordinary People which I found to be ok but was ultimately uninspired. I've yet to read one as good as Lincoln in the Bardo, which was the winner last year. Plenty left to read though, but I won't get round to all of them.

hackmum Wed 19-Sep-18 14:51:57

I'm quite glad I've bought it on kindle as it simplifies looking up the words I haven't come across!

Do you ever find yourself, when you've got a proper physical book, unconsciously pressing on a word with your fingertip to see the definition? I find that feature of the Kindle incredibly useful - much more than I'd have expected. If you'd asked me beforehand, I'd have loftily told you that I have a very good vocabulary and don't need a feature like that, but in fact I use it all the time.

bsquared Thu 20-Sep-18 12:39:30

Feeling a little bereft that Normal People is not on the shortlist. I’ve so enjoyed it!

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