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What fan fiction are people reading at the moment?

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feral Tue 24-Jul-18 12:25:46

I used to write and read a lot of ff then I had a baby... My fandoms have gone quiet in the interim.

If you like ff what are you reading - what fandom, fics, ships?

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argumentativefeminist Tue 24-Jul-18 12:29:36

The Thick of It: Malcolm/Sam/Jamie or any variation thereon.

Kingsman: Harry/Eggsy, Roxy/Merlin, or any variation. Haven't watched the second film though so I'm limited.

feral Tue 24-Jul-18 12:43:48

I do like a bit of Kingsman but also have not seen the second film. I'll have a look.

I'm glad you suggested m/m smile

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feral Tue 24-Jul-18 18:31:55

Anyone else?

I'm currently reading Merlin and Arthur - Destiny and all that.

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Bookridden Tue 24-Jul-18 21:54:17

Quite partial to a bit of Berena fan fic on A03

Chamomile Tue 24-Jul-18 22:04:09

I mainly read in a quiet, old fashioned fandom that I don't want to share, but I have lately read a bit of Cap America/ Bucky Barnes. I also dip into Merlin from time to time. Sherlock BBC is also quite active though I lost interest after the last series. I am on the lookout for a new fandom so I am watching this thread.

feral Tue 24-Jul-18 22:14:46

I just googled Berena - Holby City? I've never watched it. Or Casualty. sad

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feral Tue 24-Jul-18 22:20:19

@Chamomile I've just re read Drastically Redefining Protocol... I miss the glory days of Merlin. Do you have any recs for me?

I love the show Sherlock but I've never been into the fandom aside from beta reading for some Sherlock/Molly once.

I've also been re reading some old Harry/Draco. My fingers are itching to write them and Merlin again.

What new fandoms though? With Netflix there's so much out there. In the Merlin and HP days there was less choice so more focus. Help!

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Chamomile Tue 24-Jul-18 22:33:51

Feral, my favourite ever Merthur fic is The Student Prince by Fayjay. It's a modern AU set in St Andrews, my alma mater. (On AO3) I love it to bits! Second fave is the huge Radioman series by Footloose. Very AU but awesome. i've never read any HP. I feel a bit sad i've missed out on such a huge fandom, but I was just the wrong age to enjoy reading about school children even though I loved the books.
I have that restless "I need a new fandom' feeling, too, so I know where you are coming from!

feral Tue 24-Jul-18 22:42:43

I love The Student Prince, that's next for a re read.

It's a bit sad of me but I've also been re reading some of my own fics. Some are ok so really are cringey, but I loved writing them. It's been so long I had forgotten then plot anyway!

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Chamomile Tue 24-Jul-18 22:57:22

Maybe you should be thinking about what you feel like writing rather than what you feel like reading? Sounds like you have itchy fingers and as a fanfic fan I am all about encouraging writers to write!

SilkyDrawers Wed 25-Jul-18 15:56:02

I feel the need for a new fandom too! Keep going back to HP (all sorts of pairings: Harry/Draco, Snape/Anyone grin) as I’ve failed to really engage with anything like that in yonks. Was into Sherlock for a while, but I’ve gone right off that for a few years now.

Was hopeful for something to emerge from Star Trek Discovery (Jason Isaacs!) but it’s been a fizzer tbh.

Some favourite writers like Emma Grant and Ivy Blossom have gone on into fandoms that, try as I might, leave me cold.

Some old MN posters (vale the TSA threads sad) are still writing in the Potter fanverse, which is reason enough to keep following it.

feral Wed 25-Jul-18 16:22:09

@SilkyDrawers what can you recommend form HP that's recent? So much dross to filter through!

I've just booked to see Cursed Child - had been avoiding it as EWE but gave in. I like Harry/ Scorpius for my sins or Albus/Scorpius but H/D is my OTP I guess.

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feral Wed 25-Jul-18 16:23:32

I was also hopeful for Discovery but it's borne no real fruit.

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BevBrook Wed 25-Jul-18 16:38:48

These aren’t really new but I read

Rivers of London
Red Dwarf
Night Vale

I had a look at Hamilton fan fiction but it is not for me. Back in the day I was all about Buffy and the X-Files, and Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes.

SilkyDrawers Wed 25-Jul-18 17:28:27

@feral hmmmm... had to think about that for a minute.

I'd start with the Harry/Draco Erised fest 2017 on A03, filter the results by number of kudos and go from there, reading the top entries (the best were often very good indeed)... follow the coal seams where they lead, I discovered a few writers I really liked. There are other good fests but can't think of any right now.

Am v v jealous of your Cursed Child tickets envy

feral Wed 25-Jul-18 17:49:37

@SilkyDrawers I've written for Erised a couple of times - it's good to be reminded. I miss it. Am going to immerse myself later 😁

Do you write too?

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feral Wed 25-Jul-18 17:50:11

@BevBrook thanks will check out those, a couple of new fandoms there for me!

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feral Wed 25-Jul-18 17:52:45

Cursed Child tickets rehire second mortgage. Best seats £290 per person for both shows. Went for cheaper ones at £150 each for both... and send silent prayer of thanks that my sister will let me pay nearer the time so can save my pennies.

It's extortion- but people pay it so what can you do.

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SilkyDrawers Wed 25-Jul-18 18:26:52

£290 - I was expecting ten times that much (a la Hamilton!)! I failed to get tickets in the original ballots and had given up... Thanks!!

<digs out credit card>

So... what did'ja used to write on AO3 grin

Honflyr Wed 25-Jul-18 18:28:31

Running on Air by eleventy7

It's Harry Potter fandom - Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy romantic pairing.

Bootsuit Wed 25-Jul-18 18:31:13

I'm still grieving over the end of Inception fandom. There's a couple of people still posting but I long for Helenish to complete her WIP. If you like M/M pairings and didn't get into it at the time there are a lot and I mean a lot of high quality fics within the Arthur / Eames fandom.

feral Wed 25-Jul-18 18:46:41

@Honflyr thanks I'll check it out.

Is it yours? grin

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feral Wed 25-Jul-18 18:48:31

@SilkyDrawers that might be outing!

I used to mod a load of stuff too. If you were on LJ we are probably acquainted 😀

I'm going to Cursed Child 16th March, join us!

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feral Wed 25-Jul-18 18:50:38

@Bootsuit I did read some Inception but I suffer from WTF-do-people-see-in-Tom-Hardy-itis so it never really did it for me as I kept seeing his face!

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