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Holiday books? Thrillers, Readable Lit Fic, YA, Sport

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timshortfforthalia Wed 18-Jul-18 19:02:51

My concentration has been shot the last few months and I've barely been able to read a page. I'm really looking forward to my holiday next week and the chance to relax with a book.

Any recommendations welcome:

Thrillers: Just a couple of fast paced/crime thrillers

Readable Lit Fic: Holidays are the only time I get stuck into something a bit more taxing. But not too taxing. Needs a plot, poss a bit dystopian and other worldy. Lit Fic I've loved includes: Never Let Me Go, Vernon God Little, love the Onyx Crake series.

Any decent YA. Last book I read was The Hate U Give which was ace.

And good books about running.

And I don't mind a zombie or a bit of dystopia.

Thanks in advance for any ideas

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Dottierichardson Wed 18-Jul-18 19:37:52

OP I enjoyed Haruki Murukami's What I talk about when I talk about running. World War Z is a decent zombie book as is Colson Whitehead's more literary Zone One. California by Edan Lepucki is decent dystopia.

igivein Wed 18-Jul-18 19:48:09

Good thriller: Splinter in the Blood by Ashley Dyer. It's fairly fast paced, short chapters so good if your concentration's a bit shot

AlecOrAlonzo Wed 18-Jul-18 19:48:45

Lit Fic - anything by Elizabeth Strout. So far everything I've read of hers has been fab!

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