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Greek mythology for 12 year old

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freshstart24 Mon 16-Jul-18 14:01:13

DS is really I to Greek mythology. He has read the Percy Jackson series and is devouring Stephen Fry's Mythos.

He has asked me to find some more books for him. We visited a great bookstore recently but could only find anthology type books which looked extremely heavy going.

He's keen to attempt grown up books but want to avoid anything too dry...

Any recommendations would be very gratefully received.

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Dottierichardson Mon 16-Jul-18 14:25:42

Emily Wilson’s new translation of The Odyssey, Ovid’s Metamorphoses (some translations more accessible than others) or Ted Hughes’s Tales from Ovid, Robert Grave’s The Greek Myths, Mary Renault has written a range of mythology-based novels but haven’t read in a while so you would need to check if content suitable, although read when I was 12.

CMOTDibbler Mon 16-Jul-18 14:34:10

DS has Enjoyed the Robert Graves book and has been reading the Ilyad and the Odyssey. If yours has read the Magnus Chase with norse mythology, the Neil Gaiman Norse book is fabulous

freshstart24 Mon 16-Jul-18 15:30:26

Thank you for the recommendations. Will have a look. DS is full of confidence at his ability to digest complex books, but I think he may be a bit over confident so am trying not to get anything too tricky....

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cdtaylornats Mon 16-Jul-18 21:29:16

He might like some of the classic Greek Mythology based films - Jason and the Argonauts; Clash of the Titans; Wrath of the Titans; Troy

Or he might like a game such as Rise of the Argonauts

MerryMarigold Mon 16-Jul-18 21:31:15

Did he read the Percy Jackson spin offs?

lucydogz Tue 17-Jul-18 18:31:43

The Bull from the Sea and The King must die (the latter comes 1st) by Mary Renault. Totally suitable and wonderful.

OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Tue 17-Jul-18 18:38:09

I cut my teeth on Graves at a similar age. Just be warned they don't gloss over the ravishing, incest, guts and gore. (I loved it all!)
The new Clash of the Titans made my purist teeth itch, everything was mixed up! Much preferred the 80s one.

GeekyBlinders Thu 19-Jul-18 12:36:19

Thirding the recs for Mary Renault.. I must have read the Alexander trilogy at around 12 or 13 and they remain among my favourite ever novels. Last of the Wine too is amazingly good. As is the Theseus duology mentioned by lucydogz.

Some of them have homosexual themes, just worth noting - I don't know how a 12 year old boy might react to that.

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