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I’m trying to find a book..

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PicklingGherkins Sat 14-Jul-18 23:13:43

I suspect this is a big ask but I borrowed a lot of books from the library as a teenager and have a hankering to re-read a particular one - but I don’t remember what it’s called and google isn’t helping.

It started in Victorian times with a woman dockside trying to sell herself and a fisherman type who took her home, looked after her then married her. There was a bit where she didn’t understand she could sit down wearing a bustle. Then they got rich through hard graft and bought a factory and he repainted the name on the chimney but saved paint on the H. OMG, just writing that out I’ve got it - Hardacre!!!!
I’ve been thinking about this book for weeks and I’ve not been able to remember what it was called 😂😂😂 (thanks anyway)

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buckingfrolicks Sat 14-Jul-18 23:26:46

So glad to have been of help! Hope your reread lives up to your recollection

frasier Sat 14-Jul-18 23:28:24

Well done you and us and we didn’t even do anything lol!

PicklingGherkins Sat 14-Jul-18 23:31:08

😂 I'm a huge twit!! I hope it's good though, I seem to remember feeling sad at the end and there was a houseplant.

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CakeBeTheFoodOfLove Sun 15-Jul-18 08:07:09

I read this book as a teenager too! It belonged to my Grandma and when she died I asked if I could keep it. It's the oldest most battered copy ever with the back cover missing but I love it.

CakeBeTheFoodOfLove Sun 15-Jul-18 08:08:43

In fact, I loved it so much that I tried to write my own novel in that style/accent. Which was a huge failure.......

CakeBeTheFoodOfLove Sun 15-Jul-18 08:10:35

Also, did you know there is a second one too? It's called Hardacre's Luck. I've never read it, but I might now you have reminded me about it!

PicklingGherkins Sun 15-Jul-18 10:19:39

I think I might have read them both as I seem to remember the book had both in together. I'm so chuffed I remembered (and have duly ordered them off Amazon). I tried to write a book once when I was a teenager too, I shudder to think how bad it was. I hope it has been appropriately destroyed.

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