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Caitlin Moran - how to be famous

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PhyllisWig Mon 09-Jul-18 21:04:21

Anyone read?

I quite liked how to build a girl and I quite like her columns so my df got me this as a treat.

I feel a bit let down tbh. Kind of went no where, was really disappointed with the end as it felt lazy and I wanted a less obvious resolution. I don't remember the mum being such a bitch - tired and skint yes but not mean.

I'm sure when htbag was released it was meant to be part of a trilogy so not sure if there is another to follow this?

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Hernameisdeborah Sun 22-Jul-18 06:59:13

Hi, I've just finished reading this. I loved htbag and Caitlin's other books too. I loved the depictions of 1995 Camden and the music industry in her latest. She is spot on about the climate of pop culture at that time - I don't think most people remember just how misogynistic that era was. I have to say I found myself getting a little bored in the middle as the story felt like it lost direction, but I am glad I persevered to the end. I agree about her mother - there seems to be a lot of affection for those characters despite their selfishness and grasp-iness.

I used to feel a little annoyed that all Moran's work, including Raised By Wolves was, while wonderful, all autobiographical, and wished she would write something different... Use her vivid imagination a bit. I'm over that now - it's what the author is so brilliant at, taking her own life observations and turning them into brilliant, relatable feminist commentary on a world in which non-pretty, non-privileged females are always marginalised. Johanna/Dolly/Caitlin is an essential voice for that section of the population, and thank God for that.

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