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A good series please

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CombinationOfWords Fri 01-Jun-18 07:51:24

Just finished binge reading all of Karin Slaughter from the very beginning (re-read a few) and now have a hole. I love a good series (doesn't have to be crime, just addictive like Harry Potter & Twilight)

Any suggestions?

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rugbychick1 Fri 01-Jun-18 08:23:59

Ian Rankin
Patricia Cornwall
Kathy Reichs
Phillipa Gregory

thelittlebumblebee Fri 01-Jun-18 22:56:31

Slightly more childish but Cassandra Claire does quite a few series, then theres Patrick ness, Agatha Christie, Lee Child. Hope that helps a little

Lessstressedhemum Sat 02-Jun-18 07:51:02

The DS Logan Macrae books
The chronicles of St Marys
The Shardlake books
The Wheel of Time

MrsMrsMrsMrs Sat 02-Jun-18 07:58:23

The Nicki French series starting with Blue Monday is fab.
I also enjoyed Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

SergeantPfeffer Sat 02-Jun-18 08:00:03

The cazalet series by Elizabeth Jane Howard- not crime but very addictive!

CombinationOfWords Sun 03-Jun-18 07:41:24

Thanks for all the suggestions, will check them out!

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sadeyedladyofthelowlands63 Sun 03-Jun-18 19:12:20

I've just binge read William Brodrick's Father Anselm series. The Sixth Lamentation is the first one and there are currently six in all. They're great! Father Anselm is a monk who keeps getting caught up in mysteries (they're a lot better than that sounds!). They are set in the present day and are very "literary". I thoroughly recommend them.

BikingBeatrix Fri 08-Jun-18 17:56:28

Philip Kerr’s Bernie Guenther series
Donna Leon - crime set in Venice
Lin Anderson - crime set in Scotland

cdtaylornats Fri 08-Jun-18 21:23:35

The Bob Skinner series by Quintin Jardine - Scottish crime from a senior officer perspective

The Railway Detective series by Edward Marston - Victorian detective

CanIhavedessertfirst Tue 03-Jul-18 23:44:55

The Frieda Klein series by Nicci French, MJ Arlidge's Helen Grace novels and the David Raker series by Tim Weaver are my absolute favourites!

waycat Wed 04-Jul-18 14:18:21

At the moment I am re-reading, for a second time, the Byrne and Balzano Philadelphia crime series by Richard Montanari. To date, there are 9 books in all and they are all excellent.

I would also recommend the Quinn Colson series by Ace Atkins.

Ann Cleeves’ Shetland series and Louise Penny’s Three Pines series are also both really good and so easy to get yourself immersed in.

Also a series of four books set in Ireland by a little known author called Erin Hart. I’ve just finished the third, and the forth is on it’s way to me.

I have read numerous series in my time, and I could go on and on here but I think you’ve already received some great suggestions so plenty for you to look into.

Oldagepensioner Wed 04-Jul-18 14:21:53

The Tom Thorne series by Mark Billingham

Roy Grace series - Peter James

nikimummy13 Thu 05-Jul-18 06:06:43

Bobby Dollar series by Tad Williams.

confusedandemployed Thu 05-Jul-18 06:17:28

Elly Griffiths's Dr Ruth Galloway series

The Simon Serrailler series. Can't for the life of me remember the author.

Lollyb86 Thu 05-Jul-18 06:18:33

Outlander or Poldark are good long running sagas

imsorryiasked Thu 05-Jul-18 06:29:21

C J Sansom
Jeffrey deaver
I also enjoyed rereading the Anne of Green Gables series.

mydogishot Thu 05-Jul-18 06:35:52

Odd Thomas by dean koontz.
Supernatural and a bit horror but very easy to lose a few hours to.
Think there are six in the series.

efeslight Sun 08-Jul-18 20:55:04

Susan hill wrote the simon serrelier series mentioned above. Agree with the recommendation.
Also ann cleeves and peter Robinson detective series, elly griffiths, belinda Bauer.

IamEarthymama Sun 08-Jul-18 23:52:40

Please try Robin Hobbs! Her creativity and skill with words will really engage you.
This is the book that leads you into the world of Fitz and you will thank me!

If you haven't t tried fantasy before please challenge yourself.

My favourite books and I have read hundreds.

AmyA78 Wed 11-Jul-18 10:07:10

The Wool Trilogy by Hugh Howey is seriously addictive! Not my normal read but I really enjoyed them.

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