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Help please - If my teenager loved Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer...

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Ladydepp Mon 05-Mar-18 13:07:31

what else might he like?

He read and liked Touching the Void, but recommendations don't have to be mountain climbing related. Non-fiction essential though!

He doesn't read much and I'm keen to find him some decent new books.

Sadik Mon 05-Mar-18 20:38:53

How old is he? Very different, but my 15 y/o liked Into thin Air, and also enjoyed The Dark Net by Jamie Bartlett. (Not really suitable for younger teens though!)

WomanWithAltitude Mon 05-Mar-18 20:43:06

The Climb is a much more accurate book than Into Thin Air, and is about the same events on Everest. He may be interested in reading someone else's take on the story.

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Mon 05-Mar-18 20:43:52

Another one by Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild.

TresDesolee Mon 05-Mar-18 20:46:54

Shackleton books - the original account of the expedition by Alfred Lansing is properly jaw-dropping

Tom Wolfe, The Right Stuff (about experimental supersonic jets and early astronauts)

Ladydepp Mon 05-Mar-18 22:13:11

He’s 16.

Some great ideas, thanks! He does love jets so the Tom Wolfe book is a great shout.

I’ve listened to the Shackleton book on audio, and it’s brilliant.

MrsDarcy99 Mon 05-Mar-18 22:25:48

I wish my 16 year old DS would read sad

He's not remotely interested in anything other than Twitter or Snapchat. It's really sad as I love reading. I've tried all sorts of genres but no. He will maybe read half an autobiography (Sports related) on holiday and that's it.

envy <- envy

lifeislife Mon 05-Mar-18 22:31:55

The beckoning silence by joe Simpson

TresDesolee Mon 05-Mar-18 22:35:52

My 15yo DS will only read Da Vinci Code books and Jack Reacher novels - i’d be ruddy delighted if he read Into Thin Air! (Da Vinci Code might be worth a shot lifeislife - anything that sells that many copies is guaranteed to at least be a page-turner I think)

Aloneinacrowd70 Mon 05-Mar-18 22:35:57

What about Wild by Cheryl Strayed? Pretty compelling. Note there are drug references.

TresDesolee Mon 05-Mar-18 22:36:17

Oops sorry MrsDarcy not Lifeislife

Ladydepp Mon 05-Mar-18 23:00:30

My ds just never reads fiction any more, such a shame.

He likes dipping in and out of books, but he really seemed to engage with Into Thin Air. It’s that or Calvin and Hobbes comics!

Beckoning Silence looks promising. Not sure about Into the Wild, perhaps a bit too harrowing?

The Right Stuff is in my basket...

Ladydepp Mon 05-Mar-18 23:02:37

I’ve got Wild waiting on my kindle, I’ll check it out.

Actually I’ve just remembered he quite liked the first bit of Seveneves which is definitely fiction! Unless the moon has blown up and I’ve missed it grin.

csmudge Fri 09-Mar-18 02:25:25

I'm not a teenage boy, but Into thin air is my fave book ever.

My recommendation would be The Martian by Andy Weir about an astronaut being stranded on Mars. It's fiction (obviously) but reads like a first person adventure. It's funny, clever and gripping. And there's a decent film of it with Matt Damon to watch afterwards.

FenellaMaxwellsPony Fri 09-Mar-18 02:54:40

No Way Down - Life and Death on K2 by Graham Bowley
The two books by Ben Fogle and James Cracknell about them crossing the Atlantic and racing to the Pole
Levison Wood’s books
The new autobiography by Anthony Middleton

TimbuktuTimbuktu Fri 09-Mar-18 03:15:33

Definitely he needs to read The Climb. Really interesting alternative perspective on the tragedy.

TheMildManneredMilitant Fri 09-Mar-18 03:34:43

The Death Zone by Matt Dickinson also covers the same tragedy as part of a wider story about leading a film production team accompanying Brian Blessed up the North Face. The title sounds a bit sensationalist but I couldn't put it down.

EmmaGrundyForPM Fri 09-Mar-18 03:54:27

Alive by Paul Piers Read had me gripped as a young teen. Quite harrowing though.

My son loved The Dyatlov Pass Incident. I don't think it's that well written but it's fascinating subject matter.

CommanderDaisy Fri 09-Mar-18 04:44:47

The Climb - Anatoli Boukarev - awesome combo with Into Thin Air

This game of ghosts - Joe Simpson

The Perfect Storm - Sebastien Junger ( movie about it, but book is great- way more in depth about deep sea fishermen, ship wrecks , the actual storm and rescue swimmers etc)

Chickenhawk - Robert Mason -vietnam war, helicopter assault pilot - very good story and harsh look at the nature of war.

Maybe one of those might work.

Rainbowqueeen Fri 09-Mar-18 05:22:46

Every single book I came on to recommend has been recommended!!!,

I'll keep thinking

juneau Fri 09-Mar-18 11:56:18

Yes, me too Rainbowqueeen, although I have a ton of non-fiction stuff so how about:

Blood River: Tim Butcher
The Lost City of Z: David Grann
Pretty much anything by Bill Bryson
Krakatoa: Simon Winchester
In Siberia: Colin Thubron

or a fiction choice that he might be interested in:
The Martian: Andy Weir

juneau Fri 09-Mar-18 11:58:49

Sorry - I see The Martian was already recommended. It reads like non-fiction though - I had to keep reminding myself that actually humans haven't been to Mars yet!

Ladydepp Sat 10-Mar-18 22:32:05

Thanks all!

He’s seen the Martian in cinema so not sure he’d also want to read it.

I bought him the Right Stuff, only just delivered but hopefully he’ll like it.

Lots of recommendations for the Climb so I’ll definitely get that.

Blood River - looks fab, I think I’ll read it too!

Ben Fogle books are a good idea, although he’s definitely read something of his, I’ll peruse his bookshelves tomorrow.

I bought him the Levison Wood Himalayas book twice, once in hardback and then stupidly again in paperback. The Nile one looks good too but I need to check if he liked the Himalayas one.

Arapaima Sun 11-Mar-18 08:29:47

How about Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston? It’s the book that the film 127 Hours is based on.

capercaillie Sun 11-Mar-18 12:41:45

Naked and marooned by Ed Stafford - he took himself off to desert island for 60 days with nothing. V thought provoking and easy to read.

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